Extensions: 101 An Introduction



Extensions 101: An Introduction

Class is in session. Welcome to Extensions 101

If you follow celebrities or pop culture at all you’ve probably seen or heard about hair extensions. From Queen Bey to JLo to the Kardashians, celebs use extensions to (often drastically) change their color, length and style.

For us normal folks who may have never had one on one experience with transformational hair services, the world of extensions is vast and can be slightly overwhelming. Not only are there many different application methods, there are grades (quality) of hair, varying textures (curly, wavy, straight), length categories, and certain rules that apply to each type. Let’s not forget “halos” and “toppers”. At Garnish we call these methods “hair solutions”, and they can be utilized to address a variety of hair needs and goals.

As a salon that specializes in extensions, we completely understand just how many questions a person might have about the various types of extensions and other hair solutions that we offer. The guest services team is always available to answer your questions, and we invite anyone interested in extensions to meet with owner and extension specialist, Candice, for a consultation. For each consult we set aside thirty minutes just for you. During that time you and Candice will discuss your needs, hair goals, and she will explain the details for each type of extensions along with explaining which options would best meet your specific needs and goals. Because each solution is completely customized per guest, the consultation is an important first step to understanding the extension process, the upkeep involved, and to receive a quote for your personalized solution.

We also realize that sometimes you might be looking for a little bit more information before you are ready to schedule your consultation. In order to provide a source for detailed extension information that reflects the types and brands that we specialize in here at Garnish, we decided to put together Extensions 101, a series of blog posts that will explain each type of hair solution.

Weekly Editions of Extensions 101

Following this introductory overview, every few weeks we will release a new edition of Extensions 101. Ultimately, we hope this will answer some of your preliminary questions along with offering a better understanding of what the different options are and how each one works best.

Hair Solutions Offered by Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar

1. Tape-in Extensions: Most often 2” wefts of hair that can be used for both length and volume. (A weft is a series of extensions that have been sewn together). Tape-ins require maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

2. Micro Link Extensions: Micro links are attached by looping your natural hair through tiny silicone lined links and then closed utilizing a special tool. The silicone protects your hair, minimizing damage. These are great for both length and volume and require maintenance every 4-5 weeks.

3. Fusion Extensions: Tiny bonds that attach to the hair near the scalp and are essentially undetectable. These can be used for a variety of different looks and must be maintained every 8 weeks.

4. Halos: A wonderful temporary extension option best suited for women with a desire to add fullness and length without some of the other commitment attached to other extension methods.  The unit offers a weft of hair that is suspended by a strong transparent thread that goes across the top portion of the head.  It is well hidden in the hair and is quick and easy to put on and take off.

5. Toppers: Most often used as a solution for thinning hair, toppers are made to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, covering up problem areas or offering a concentrated section of coverage and volume.

Over the next several weeks we will be sharing with you a detailed summary of each of these types of hair solutions, allowing you a better understanding of what the options are and which one might suit your needs and #hairgoals best.

As always, if you have further questions, please reach out to the Guest Services Team, Kassy & Ray, along with setting up your consultation with Candice.


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