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Hair Masques

Despite the fact that we live in North Carolina where “winter weather” can mean anything from actually cold enough for a coat and boots to t-shirt weather… the winter months means drier air, (mostly) cooler temps, and the dreaded static increase. All of these affect your hair, which is why you might notice your hair getting drier, frizzier, and more split ends appearing.

For some folks, just switching to a more hydrating conditioner can solve the problem, but for any hair that is thicker, textured, or tends towards the drier side already a hair MASQUE might be required. Hair masques (or masks) can target various hair needs, and can be used to increase hydration, rebuild proteins, and reintroduce vitamins and nutrients to damaged and over processed hair.

If the winter weather curse of dullness has struck your hair, here are a few masks you can check out that might break the spell and revitalize your locks!

1. KEVIN.MURPHY — Hydrate-Me.Masque
This masque is specifically designed to improve moisture in your hair which in turn will reduce frizz. This masque is best for coarse and/or colored hair.

2. KEVIN.MURPHY — Angel.Masque
This masque was created for all of the fine-haired ladies whose hair needs strengthening and thickening. It is exceptionally good for fine colored hair.

3. Original Mineral — Seven Day Miracle Masque
This unique blend of Australian oils is designed to deeply nourish and reduce frizz, while strengthening the hair. It also softens and silkens the hair. Amaze!

4. Davines — NouNou Hair Mask
NouNou specifically targets highly processed or brittle hair, replenishing the needed moisture along with softening without weighing the hair down.

5. Davines — Minu Hair Mask
Minu replenishes moisture for colored hair, while also increasing silkiness. It is designed to be lightweight and preserve color.

If you’re not sure if your hair needs a masque, or you can’t decide which would work best for your hair type—ask your stylist! They would love to suggest a treatment for you, along with how frequently to use the masque for best results. Goodbye DRY, Hello SILK.


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