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February Hair Tip of the Month with Niko

Introducing the newest addition to The Talk… the Garnish Tip of the Month!  Brought to you each month by one of the talented and knowledgeable stylists of the Garnish Team, this will be a series of quick hair tips and tricks passed along from the experts to YOU!
Our very first Tip of the Month is courtesy of Curly Queen, Niko Jones.
February Hair Tip of the Month with Niko Jones

“Dirty hair is the best hair.”

 You may or may not have heard before that you should avoid shampooing every single day.  Not washing every day is a good rule of the thumb for several reasons.  Your scalp naturally produces oils that actually keep your hair healthy.  Scrubbing them out every day can remove the good oils from your hair, drying it out and reducing its health.
Train your hair to shampoo less frequently… even every other day helps.  If you find that your hair appears too oily during that first day, you may need to a) adjust your shampoo and conditioner regimen, and/or b) suffer through until your hair “learns” that it doesn’t need to overly produce the oils because you’re no longer removing them every single day.
Dirty hair is also BEST because it allows your styles to last longer.  Curl your hair on day one and you’re good to go for the next couple of days!  Reduced heat styling is always a great thing for your hair.
Finally, allowing your hair to go a few days between washes will ultimately end with it looking healthier and shinier.  And who doesn’t want healthier, shinier hair, amiright?!
Stay tuned for March’s Tip of the Month from Creative Director, Christine Woods…


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