Thinning Hair Solutions: Get Your Regrowth On!

We recently introduced our upcoming blog series about the various ways of adding hair (extensions, halos, and toppers) that address a variety of hair thinning and hair loss concerns.  Sometimes, however, you might just be looking for a way to address thinning hair through the use of quality hair products.  You may have heard of certain brands such as Nioxin, or Regenix, but what you may not know is that we have an all natural line here at Garnish that includes a variety of products targeting various hair needs such as scalp issues, rebalancing, and replumping.
The NaturalTech line by Davines works in the same way that Nioxin and Regenix do in that they focus on creating the maximum healthy environment to encourage new hair growth. The products target scalp concerns that could potentially inhibit scalp health and hair growth such as excess oils or dandruff. The NaturalTech line also consists of two sub-lines that directly address thinning and fragile hair.
The first of these is the Energizing line.  The Energizing line is designed to solve scalp problems, fragile hair, and to offer a preventative treatment for various forms of alopecia.  It utilizes a few key ingredients such as phytoceuticals (caffeine, sirtuins and beta-glucans) along with certain essential oils.  Caffeine works to stimulate the scalp, while the beta-glucans strengthen immune defense and the sirtuins invigorate and strengthen the scalp.  The essential oils included are cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper, which all work to stimulate circulation.  The Energizing line consists of four products: Energizing Shampoo, Energizing Gel, Energizing Lotion and Energizing Superactive.  The Shampoo is a mild shampoo specifically for fragile scalps and hair that is prone to falling out.  It stimulates scalp circulation and can be used as either an intensive treatment every other day or as a maintenance treatment twice a week.  The gel is applied to the scalp and hair regrowth and works as a preventative treatment, slowing down hair loss by stimulating the metabolism.  It also gives strength and body to fine or stressed hair.  The lotion is a treatment for fragile scalps. It stimulates skin microcirculation, which helps prevent hair loss.  It is particularly designed for hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors.  Finally, the Superactive is a concentrated multi-active product designed to combat hormone-related hair loss.
The second line targeted at thinning hair is the Replumping Family.  This line includes treatments designed to restore elasticity to the hair, utilizing Hyaluronic Acid to fill hair strands that lack hydration, thus “plumping” them up.  This sub-line includes three products.  The Replumping Shampoo is targeted towards hair lacking in elasticity, hydration, and tone, but works well for all hair types.  It can be used as a normal shampoo or just as needed.  The Replumping Conditioner works as a follow up to the shampoo—great for all hair, but best for hair in need of hydration and elasticity.  It should be used in conjunction with the Replumping Shampoo and should be worked through the hair and then left on for a few minutes before being rinsed out.  The final piece of the Replumping line is the Replumping Hair Filler Superactive.  This is a multi active concentrate utilizing Hyaluronic Acid, which ensures a strong hydration and protection from stress as it withholds water and gradually releases in on the structure of the hair.  This product is applied to damp hair and styled into the hair as normal.
The entire NaturalTech line is created with natural ingredients formulated specifically for various hair issues.  Even if thinning hair is not your concern, there may be another NaturalTech product that could work for you.  If you are wondering if the Davines NaturalTech lines are the answer to your hair concerns, or are just interested in learning more about them, ask your stylist at your next service.


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