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April Showers…Call for Keratin Treatments

Spring Keratin Treatments

Chances are, if you have curly or wavy hair, or even if your hair is just prone to frizz or fluff, you’ve probably thought at some point about a straightening or smoothing treatment. At the very least, you’ve wished for more manageable hair. As the weather in North Carolina moves towards Spring and then Summer and the heat and humidity increase, the size of your hair may increase in similar proportions.

The good news is that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO. If you keep up with the hair industry at all, a Keratin treatment probably sounds familiar, but knowing what it’s called doesn’t really give you much information about what it does to your hair. We’re going to break it down for you (stick with us—we’re gonna get a bit technical) so you know E X A C T L Y what a Keratin treatment can do for your hair and whether it’s the right choice for you. (Of course, it’s always a good idea to talk to your stylist about what’s going to be the best option for YOU and your ‘do.)

Keratin Treatment? What’s Keratin?

Well, it’s a protein found in your hair, skin, and nails. It works as a protector for the outer layer of your hair and it structures the inner layer of your hair. Okay, so then what is a Keratin treatment? Let’s get this out of the way… Keratin is NOT a straightening treatment. Instead, it is what we call a “smoothing” treatment. It reduces frizz, relaxes curl/wave patterns, and allows hair to be more easily blow dried and styled. If you have hardcore curly hair, you should expect your curl to become a looser curl, but NOT straight. There are several types of Keratin treatments created by various brands. We have carefully chosen Global Keratin (GK Hair) for several reasons, all of which can be summed up with what is always our #1 goal: the health of the hair.

What sets GK treatments apart is their key ingredient called Juvexin. It sounds like a pharmaceutical commercial, but I promise it’s just an ingredient in their unique formula. Juvexin is derived from sheep’s wool using an environmentally friendly process. It is non-hydrolyzed (aka the proteins haven’t been broken down like in most other Keratin treatments), it contains intact keratin (allowing it to take the place of the broken or missing keratin in your hair), and it is made up of both small and large molecules. The different sized molecules each have a different job.

Remember, your hair is naturally made up of keratin on both the outside and the inside. So, the smaller molecules penetrate the hair strands, restoring them from the inside while the large molecules wrap around the cuticle layer of the hair and create a protective shield. Basically, Juvexin steps in as an understudy when your natural keratin is injured or missing. The outer shield also protects from further damage such as UV rays, heat styling damage, and even humidity. The coolest thing about it is that Juvexin works like a vitamin—the hydrating proteins are absorbed into the hair, but the hair only takes in what it needs. Any excess is just washed out. This means the GK treatments essentially self-customize to meet your hair needs.

Still with me? We’re halfway there.

Here at Garnish we offer two different versions of the GK Hair Keratin treatments. Both options are customizable depending on your current hair texture and hair goals, and each has a slightly different method of application. Both methods begin with a deep clarifying shampoo. This removes any product buildup and oil from the hair, leaving it in the best possible condition to receive the treatment. Your hair is now a fresh slate ready to be rejuvenated! The next step is also the same, as both are applied directly to damp hair. From there, the methods begin to differ.

Keratin Treatment Options

The first option is called The Best. Seriously, it’s the B E S T. After application, the Best has a processing time similar to hair color. It can be adjusted based on your starting hair texture and your hair goals and can range from 15 minutes up to an hour. The Best produces different results based on the amount of time it is left to process. Once the treatment has processed, your stylist will wash it out before blow drying and straightening your hair. This treatment is 100% -aldehyde free and can be washed and styled as soon as the next day. You should consider the Best treatment if you are interested in maintaining some body to your hair while calming your natural texture, minimizing frizz, and increasing silkiness.

The second option is called Resistant. This treatment produces a stronger result than the Best and will reduce your current curl pattern. The process of the Resistant treatment varies from the Best following the application. Once applied, your stylist will blow dry the treatment into your hair. Once it is 100% dry, they will straighten your hair using a special GK flat iron. After leaving the salon you cannot wash your hair, pin your hair back, or ponytail your hair for 72 hours while the treatment sets. Yes, it can be pretty tough, especially if you live an active lifestyle, but I PROMISE the results are worth it.

Three days later your hair will be smooth, soft, and significantly more manageable. Side note: This version of the treatment uses extremely low amounts of methylene glycol (the ingredient that allows the treatment to offer a straighter result than the Best), which when converted to a gas is considered a version of formaldehyde. For this reason, we use a decreased temperature when straightening the treatment into the air, eliminating the risk of the methylene glycol converting. As always, health is our first concern.

Just a few more important notes, and then you can consider yourself officially knowledgeable re: Keratin treatments.

Keratin treatments, like color, will eventually fade as you wash your hair. Because the curl bond is not broken (like in a Japanese Straightening treatment) there is no awkward grow out, just a gradual fading. Shampoos containing sulfates WILL speed this process along. Any sulfate-free shampoo can be used, but we like to ensure the quality of results for your treatment, so we include a GK Hair Shampoo and Conditioner along with your treatment. Both treatments last an average of 4 to 6 months depending on hair texture, frequency of shampooing, and lifestyle.

As with most transformational hair services, there is a lot of information to be learned about Keratin treatments, and many factors that will influence your personal results. We always invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation with your stylist to talk about how a Keratin treatment can transform your hair world. You made it! Go forth and tell all of your friends you’ve found the cure to the Carolina humidity! View our Keratin Treatment Gallery.
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