April Hair Tip of the Month



April Hair Tip of the Month with Andrayah

Hair Tip: Au Natural

Each month we bring you a fresh new hair tip or trick from your fave stylists, and this month’s Garnish Tip of the Month comes from stylist Andrayah Parker.  Andrayah’s hair tip goes out to all the curly and wavy-haired ladies.

Want a chic and effortless look?

You don’t have to heat style every piece of your hair.  Work off of your natural texture—air dry, diffuse, whatever works best for you—then take sporadic sections and wave or curl them as needed while also leaving pieces of your natural.  This is beneficial in a couple of different ways.
a) Sometimes it’s hard to LOVE our natural wave or curl, especially on the days when it seems more like a head of frizz than curls, but playing off your natural curl/wave pattern looks (this might seem obvious, but) the most natural on you!
b) Heat styling can damage your hair, especially if you’re not using a good heat protectant (we love us some Melu Hair Shield from Davines).  Minimizing the heat styling minimizes the potential for damaging your locks.
c) Embracing the texture you were born with is IN right now.  From beachy waves to tiny ringlets, if you’ve got some natural body to your hair, learn how to fall in love with it and WORK IT.
If you ever need help with styling and wearing your natural wave or curl, talk to your stylist about their favorite textured hair products and styling methods!
See you next month!


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