Extensions 101 Tape In Extensions



Extensions 101: Tape-In Extensions

First up on Extensions 101 is the tape-in method of extensions. Tape-in extensions are a beautiful method for volumizing fine to medium hair, and, like all methods, have various pros and cons.

Look They Achieve: Volume, minimal length

Best For:

Non-textured hair (no curl or wave pattern), “problem areas” such as needing more volume in the front, etc., fine to medium weight hair

What They Are:

Small wefts adhered to your hair using medical grade adhesive

Lifespan: Up to 5 months

Maintenance: Every 6 weeks, average sessions are 2-3 hours each appointment


-Tape-ins are extremely flat so they are nearly undetectable

-The initial application process can be quicker than other methods

-Look beautiful


-Must be removed before coloring, so each color touch up consists of removal, color application, wash & style, reapplication of extensions

-Consistency can be challenging for layered or textured hair cuts–as the tapes are moved up (with each tidy-up) and your natural hair grows, the layers that were originally cut into your hair and the extensions will not line up in exactly the same way

-Because each tidy-up takes 2-3 hours, the maintenance requires a larger commitment of both time and cost

If you are interested in learning more about if tape-in extensions could be the hair solution for you, we invite you to set up a consultation with Candice. She will talk to you about your hair goals and can determine if tapes are the best solution for you.

Important Note: Here at Garnish we believe tape-ins can produce beautiful results, however, we have a studio limit of 12-15 tapes per head. If you are in need of more hair than that amount provides, your hair is most likely either too thick to accommodate tape extensions or you would be better suited to a different extension system.


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