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Garnish Mother’s Day Contest: Nominate A Mom

Garnish Mother’ Day Contest! Nominate A Mom Today.

If the Moms in your life are anything like the Moms in mine, they’re basically all superheroines in disguise. Balancing work and kids and all of the many responsibilities that come with both, while maintaining a marriage, relationships with family and friends, going to the gym or other personal activities of choice… it’s a LOT.

Frankly, I can’t fathom how they manage to do it all and still bring cupcakes (baked or from the store—no judgment) to school for the latest class event. And we probably ALL know one extra special Mom who is 100% others first, all the time.

Moms are some of the most selfless humans around, and they often opt to take care of others before taking care of themselves. If skipping a trip to the salon means making it to ballet class—they’ll do it.

If opting for dry shampoo instead of a shower means making lunches and getting out the door on time, it’s going to be Dirty Hair Club member FOR LIFE. Shopping for new clothes usually means shopping for new clothes for the kids, and going on vacation means taking the kids on vacation and probably spending the whole trip making sure everyone else is having a good time. Morale of the story—sometimes Moms need someone else to step up and say, “Hey, I got you—this one’s on me.” That’s what Garnish would like to do this Mother’s Day.

Garnish Mother’s Day Contest Makeover

We want to take care of the amazing Moms of Raleigh, so the stylist team will each be donating services to some of our nominated moms.  One inspirational mom will also win a hair makeover with owner Candice Motley.  Here’s where you come in!  We know there are SO many deserving Moms out there in the Raleigh area, and YOU know who they are.  Tell us about an inspiring mom in YOUR life, and enter her for a chance to win!

Help us out by nominating a Mom using the form below!

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