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Summer Fun with Shimmer.Me Blonde

Blonde Bombshells NEED Shimmer.Me Blonde

Warm weather is officially here and that means it’s time to go lighter for the Summer! If lighter for you means blonde or blonder, Kevin Murphy has got your blonde locks covered with all kinds of BLONDES ONLY products (hey, BLONDE.ANGEL). The newest edition to this exclusive collection is called SHIMMER.ME BLONDE.

You may be familiar with her older sister, SHIMMER.SHINE, and while they have a lot of the same qualities (like literal glitter flakes in the formula) SHIMMER.ME BLONDE has some extra special features specifically for blonde babes.

Why is Shimmer.Me Blonde extra special?

First and foremost, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is a shine treatment, however, it is also stock full of goodies for your hair’s health. The treatment is restorative, replacing moisture in your hair and increasing softness. If you’ve ever lightened your hair before you’re probably familiar with the way your hair feels a little different post-lightening process.

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE addresses this, replenishing what your hair has lost through a series of key natural ingredients. First, they use a combination of Australian fruit extracts which increase gloss and smoothness. Next, it includes Babassu Oil which provides nutrients essential to the shine and strength of your hair, along with offering protection against heat and other elements.

The next ingredient is Bamboo Extract, restoring shine and strength while increasing manageability. Finally, it utilizes Soy Bean Oil which also softens and smoothes the hair. Each of these ingredients fuse together to improve the strength, feel, and shine of your hair.

Shimmer.Me Blonde Best + Brightest

The best part is that SHIMMER. ME BLONDE not only makes your hair feel great, it also includes color enhancers and optical brighteners aka tinting your hair like a subtle purple shampoo would, keeping out yellow and gold tones, and brightening your blonde or silver hair. (Yes, that’s right silver-haired mamas, this treatment is great for your gorgeous greys, too!)

Shimmer.Me Blonde Bestis

If you’re not already convinced that SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is your summer hair’s BFF, consider this:

It’s SUPER simple to use.

Give it a twirl (not shake) to get the glitter swirling.
Apply to damp hair starting at the ends and working upwards.
Style as usual whether you air dry or dry and style.

Ta-da! Beautifully blonde locks that every chick on the beach will be jealous of. #winning


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