Summer Trends 2017



The Garnish Summer 2017 Trend Alert

Summer Trends 2017

Here’s the scoop!

Hot sunny days have officially arrived, and so have the Summer Trends for 2017! As artists, we often draw inspiration from those around us, and our entire team loves to trade fashion thoughts, advice, and ideas for new looks. Catching the summer vibe early, we are taking the trends of the summer and garnishing them with our own twists. These are the hair trends we’re rocking and living this summer. (Just remember, when Kylie shows up with one of these trends, you saw it here first!)

First up—if you followed Coachella at all this year, you’ve already seen this trend. Space buns are everywhere, and can be worn in a versatile mix of ways. The key with space buns is the high placement on your head. (Y’know, as if you had kitten ears?) Space buns can be worn with all of your hair wrapped up into the knots or in a half up, half down fashion. They can be sleek and tight, or messy and loose. We love a trend that can be customized to your own personal style and look.

Our next fave trend is the ever fabulous beachy waves. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair, well, we’re all jealous. And if you don’t, but want to achieve the same effortless look, a curling iron or wand is your best friend. Brushed out curls with a spritz of sea salt spray can recreate that lived in salt enhanced look. Candice’s beach waves get an extra boost of length and volume with secret halos! A halo is a great way to add a bit of length and volume to your hair in an easy, at-your-convenience sort of way.

Where my pixies at? Sometimes it can feel like you’re limited in the versatility of styling your short hair, and that can be frustrating. Our resident pixie, Christine, likes to mix it up by wearing and styling her bangs in different ways. Baby bangs are a fun sassy addition to a pixie, and the quick grow out means it doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. You can even mix it up with baby bang lengths, and have one side a little shorter than the rest as Christine is currently rocking.

Every long-haired lady in the south knows that wearing your hair down in the summer can sometimes be absolutely miserable. This is why we are obsessed with ballerina buns. It’s cute, stylish, and classy all at once AND your hair is up off your neck and out of your face. This is especially important for frizz-prone ladies—any style that lets you spray down the frizzies or embrace them with a messier look is a necessary addition to your hairstyle arsenal.

Our final summer ’17 hair obsession is a classic—BRAIDS. This is another style that you can totally customize based on your look and hair. Braid back just the front, french braid it all, or add a couple of braids together for a boho look—we love ‘em all. Learning to braid your own hair might take a little practice, but it’s a fun way to add a little something different to your daily hair style. You can even add in some sparkle with hair jewelry like Tish has!

Alright, gems, you’re all ready for the NC heat and humidity with these summer hairstyles. We would love to see your own interpretation of the Garnish Summer Trends.

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