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Summer Survival Guide: Tips from The Pro

Our Summer Survival Guide has shared a ton of tips about protecting your hair and skin from the elements of the season, so I wanted to close out the guide with a little bit of non-hair related Summer lovin.

Summer means new fashion trends, a little extra indulgence at the inevitable summer parties, and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the heat and vacays. Here are my fave tips for surviving Summer 2017.

Kerchief Love

First up, my latest fashion obsession: tiny scarves aka kerchiefs. I know you’ve seen them—wrapped around the wrist, tied at the neck, maybe even tied up around a topknot. These are a great way to add a fun accent to your outfit, and they’re small enough to not be TOO hot in the NC Summer heat. For fashion inspo check out the NC Anthropologie’s insta. If you scroll through you should spot them featured on the wrist, around the neck, and even as an anklet!

Along the same fashion lines as the accent scarves (you know I’m all about accessories), head scarves and hats are a summer must for me. Hats can be SO necessary to block out the intense NC sun, not just to protect your hair, but because they’re cute AND functional at the same time. If you don’t need the brim of a hat, another obsession of mine is head scarves and bandanas.

I love tying bandanas both the traditional way of covering the back of your hair, along with using them as a headband. A little retro fashion is always fun to play with.

Alright, so you’re officially dressed for those Summer soirees, so clearly that means it’s wine time. If you’re anything like me and tend to partake in a glass of wine or a cocktail a bit more frequently with the many engagements of Summer, it’s important to find a balance to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To me, feeling good about myself means keeping a healthy balance to what I’m eating, drinking, and how much I’m exercising. We talk a lot about getting “summer ready” and “bikini bodies,” but if your focus is on living a healthy balanced lifestyle all the time, those gimmicky phrases don’t really mean anything anymore. I have two summer food addictions that help me maintain that balance.

First, I LOVE a green smoothie in the Summer. There’s something about drinking a cool refreshing beverage that’s also great for you, to detox the weekend indulgences and get back on track. Some of my favorite recipes come from Tone It Up.

They have four delicious green smoothie recipes ranging from avocado and tropical fruit based to all green everything (kale, cucumber, green apple, and kiwi). Green smoothies are the bomb because they typically include a blend of fruits and veggies to give you a vitamin kick while minimizing the natural sugar.

My second warm weather food addiction is summer salads. Sometimes eating a plate of lettuce/spinach leaves and some veggies sprinkled in can become boring and unappetizing. In the Summer especially I spice up my salads with various fruits and even avocado. Salads that include fruit feel extra refreshing to me, and allow you to vary your salads just by switching a few key ingredients. I’m obsessed with citrus salads and pretty much anything with avocado added in. Check out these delicious recipes and remember you can always tweak them to your own taste!

YOU are officially ready to rock it out this Summer. Your fashion is on point with kerchiefs and sun hats, and you’re keeping it healthy with detoxifying green smoothies and refreshing fruit salads.

If you want to keep up with my Summer happenings, I will be posting more Summer fashion trends and survival tips throughout the season on my insta. See you there!


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