Going Unicorn: HD Color Process feat. Kassy

I first added purple into my hair about four years ago and learned pretty quickly that having vivid colored hair meant people were going to talk to me about my hair a LOT. Luckily, I am hair-obsessed and love talking to anyone about hair and haircolor. People ask me everything from how long the color lasts, to how I keep it looking healthy, to whether or not I had to lighten it first (spoiler alert: YES).

I have always LOVED having multi-colored hair, but it’s not just a commitment for me in terms of maintenance, but it’s a HUGE commitment for the stylist as well. Achieving beautiful, multi-colored hair while maintaining the integrity of the hair is NOT an easy process, and it’s not a process that every stylist has the skillset to accomplish.

When Candice agreed to turn me into a magical unicorn, I was obviously over-the-moon, and we decided to document the entire process for you all. Hopefully this will help you understand the extensive process hair color can be when overall altering your color. Technically, vivid colors could be considered a color correction due to the multi-level processes involved.

As a salon that specializes in transformational colors and color corrections, our guests often come to us in need of a revamp that may take multiple processes. The end goal is not typically unicorn hair like mine was, but if you consider the goal to be significantly altering the hair color, then you start to see the similarities.

I hope you enjoy this peek into an extensive color transformation. Side note: Often a corrective color will need to be broken up into multiple appointments/days. Because Candice is a champ, we opted for one very longgggg day. Take a look.


My hair was a level 3 (really dark brown/almost black) at the root, with purple vivids throughout the mid to ends.
HD hair color Peacock hair color


We applied a direct dye lifter to remove the purple from my hair. First wash & dry.
HD hair color Peacock hair color


Candice applied lightener to remove the remaining tint from the direct dye, along with bringing my hair to a lighter level to achieve brighter vivids.
HD hair color Peacock hair color

HD hair color Peacock hair color


After washing out the lightener, we toned my hair using a purple shampoo. Second wash & dry.
HD hair color Peacock hair color


Painting on a root color that would be blended into the vivids.


Applying the vivids! Candice used five different pravana colors (a combination of locked in, neon, and pastel) to create a “Northern Lights” inspired colormelt. Final wash, dry, and style!


HD hair color Peacock hair colorGot any Fall/Winter color goals or ideas? Sound off in the comments!
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