Staff Picks: Hair Color Transformations

The world of hair color is multi-layered, blending artistry and science, and requiring exceptional attention to detail.  We have chosen to delve into the most challenging aspects of hair color—color corrections and transformational colors, committing to the ongoing education and deep knowledge of the chemistry of color that these services require.

Our stylist team shares a passion for being able to offer the types of color that require an eye for design and skill with painting, blending, and color balancing.  We believe that being able to provide women with a hair cut, style, and color that they love can play a role in self-confidence and how they feel when they look in the mirror.  Empowering women through beautification services—extensions and transformational colors—allows us to be a positive force in women’s lives through our expertise.

We wanted to share with you just a few of our recent transformations.

Hanna by Christine

Hair Color Transformations
Hanna came to Christine looking for first for an updated, edgier cut before adding in some new color.  Christine gave Hanna a slightly asymmetrical cut with a sassy fringe of baby bangs.  From there, they scheduled Hanna’s transformational color service.  Christine hand-painted Hanna’s hair to give it varying dimension before applying a custom red colormelt using Elumen color.  The result was this gorgeous blend of reds with brighter pieces for spice.

Heather by Niko

Hair Color Transformations
Heather had been seeing Niko for regular bleach outs for quite a while when she decided she was ready to return to a natural color.  When hair has been bleached out, the color molecules are removed from the hair leaving it more porous than natural hair.  This means that something needs to fill the empty spaces before the hair can hold the new color.  Color corrections often require a “fill” of some kind either to balance out a particular tone or the porosity of the hair.  Niko first filled Heather’s hair before applying the gorgeous neutral brown that was her goal color, blending it seamlessly with her roots.

Natalie by Tish

Hair Color Transformations
Tish had previously lightened Natalie’s hair before glazing it to a medium orange, but at this visit Natalie was looking for a little more dimension and a new haircut style.  Tish reshaped Natalie’s hair into a trendy “bowl-cut” inspired pixie, before applying a custom Elumen colormelt to her previously lightened hair.  Natalie left the studio with a new easier to manage style, along with a fiery cherry red to burnt orange melt.

Sarah by Candice

Hair Color Transformations
Sarah’s transformation was a 2 part process, beginning with a color correction before adding in a layer of extensions.  At her color service, Candice used foilyage to adjust the brightness of Sarah’s hair along with balancing out previously ombred ends.  Candice then applied a modern glaze, cooling down Sarah’s overall color.  The following week Sarah returned for a row of NBR extensions.  She was looking for a fuller style, with just a slight bit of added length, making NBR a perfect fit for her medium-fine hair.  Sarah left the studio with an entirely new look—the hair of her dreams!

A Passion for Transformations

Our passion for transformational services has led us to develop a unique process unlike most other salon experiences.  We start all hair journeys with a thorough, in-depth consultation that allows the stylist to get to know your hair, your hair history, and to understand your goals.

The stylist will walk you through the color process, the products that will help you achieve your goal look, and explain in detail the steps that will be taken to achieve your goals along with any maintenance that will be needed.  We believe that taking the time up front to ensure we have a detailed hair plan in place allows us to ensure we are in sync with your goals and what’s possible with your hair.

We also believe that exceptional hair color requires patience and attention to detail.  Our transformational color services can sometimes be longer than your average salon visit to ensure our stylists will never rush through any aspect of your service.  We LOVE to talk about hair goals and how we can help you achieve them.

If you’re ready to start your transformational hair journey, give us a call.  It starts with a conversation, and ends with you feeling amazing.  What are you waiting for?


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