Pink Gloves Spotlight: Today, we honor Lisa

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to share with you a very special story from one of our beautiful guests. Lisa first came to Garnish in December of 2016. Her journey with us began by sitting down with Candice to talk about her experience and her hopes for what might be possible with her hair.

Lisa has allowed us to share in her own words how Candice was able to transform her life through extensions following her chemotherapy. Lisa also allowed us to document the process she went through with Candice.

In April 2015 I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer which is a rare form that is not genetic. It was a very hard time for me and my family as it was completely unexpected. My support system was amazing and they held a “Shave to Save” event for me. I shaved my head in front of over 100 friends and family as I did not want to go through treatment and have my hair fall out into clumps during treatment.

If we fast forward to 1 ½ years later my hair was grey and very short. My husband mentioned that I should investigate salons who specialized in extensions so that I would not have to look in the mirror every day and be reminded of what happened the previous year. I was very apprehensive, but I started my internet search for salons and I came across Garnish Hair Studio.

I reluctantly made an appointment as I wanted to explore my options and my husband joined me when I met with Candice Motley. I had big plans in my head of immediately being satisfied and having long hair immediately and back to my original color (blonde). Candice was very sensitive to my situation and listened to my story very intently. Candice understood exactly where I was coming from and my need to have some sort of peace when I looked in the mirror every day.

You will see the picture of where I started and Candice talked me thorough what we could do initially and where I would be a year later. It took me a few minutes to digest as my immediate need for that day was not being met. However, Candice walked me through the initial process and step one for me which was to bring my hair back to blonde and putting in the initial set of extensions.

We had to start with the hair I had to work with at the time. We ordered the extensions and set-up my next appointment. I left that day feeling hopeful that I was on my way to feeling like my “old self”. I talked to my husband after we left that day and how happy I was and that I trusted Candice to lead me in the right direction. It was very important that I had that trust as I had been through so much.

The whole team at Garnish was working with me to make sure I felt comfortable during the whole process. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this as it alleviated my anxiety of the process and they took me through step by step. The transformation that I saw after my appointment was incredible and I felt like a new woman.

You can see by the pictures that in the past year I have come a long way and I have the ponytail that I had been dreaming about. My life has transformed not only with my hair, but my confidence in myself and my outlook on life. I owe all of this to the team and especially Candice Motley at Garnish Hair Studio as she has made my dreams come true!

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Lisa’s Hair Journey with Garnish Hair Studio + Extension Bar


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