Welcome Trichology to Garnish

Scalp Health to Promote Hair Growth

Trichology Technology is coming to Garnish

When you consider the different aspects of your beauty routine, you probably consider skin care and hair care to be two totally different categories. Hair needs can be different from skin needs, but there is a very important overlap that is often forgotten. Scalp health contributes to many aspects of your hair, and the health of your scalp determines how your hair grows, how it looks, and how it feels.

Understanding the health of the scalp allows you to treat any challenges you experience, along with creating the best environment for the healthiest hair to grow. As stylists, we consider the health of the hair to be of utmost importance, and that includes the scalp.

There is a branch of health science called Trichology, and that’s what we wanted to share with you today. Trichology is the study of hair loss and scalp conditions, which is relevant for all hair stylists, but extra important for us in relation to our extension work and thinning hair solutions.

In just a couple of weeks Candice and Donyata will be travelling to Florida to take a course on Trichology and become certified in utilizing a new technology that assists in stimulating hair regrowth. During their course they will learn how to inspect the scalp, determine the health of the scalp and any problem areas, along with addressing particular concerns regarding scalp conditions and hair loss. This technology will allow us to offer an even deeper level of scalp health assistance which in turn will contribute to healthier hair.

Not only will this assist all of our guests who may experience scalp issues, it will be especially beneficial to anyone who has hair loss concerns. If the scalp is healthy enough to regrow hair, this new laser technology will help kickstart regrowth.

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

As a studio that specializes in hair extensions, we are already very familiar with hair loss causes and treatments, along with utilizing extensions to provide a temporary solution for women hoping to counteract their hair loss, thinning hair, and other hair concerns. For this reason, Candice knew she wanted to become certified in Trichology to continue offering the highest possible service to her current and future guests.

With Donyata’s background in the medical field and passion for assisting with hair extensions and hair loss solutions, she was the perfect stylist to receive this training alongside Candice. Upon their return we will be acquiring the stimulation technology and in 2018 will begin offering the treatment.

It is always our goal to provide the highest quality service and the best possible solution for our guests, and we are thrilled to add this option to our thinning hair solutions.

If you are interested in learning more about the Trichology technology and how it can help your hair, we would love to schedule a consultation for you with Candice beginning in January of 2018.


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