LOVE is in the Hair feat. Davines LOVE Curl

Calling all Curlies!

We’ve officially found your hair’s Valentine! And how perfect that her name is LOVE. The Davines LOVE Curl Line has been revamped, reformulated, and now includes even more options for your particular curl pattern. We wanted to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the different products that make up the line and how they can enhance your curls.

Let’s be real… curly hair is totally different than other hair textures, which is why we think it’s so cool that Davines created a line specifically designed to make curls happy. The line is designed to nourish, improve elasticity (which brings out the best in your natural curl pattern), and improve manageability and shine. Let’s meet the LOVE fam.

LOVE Shampoo

Getting your hair to behave the way you want requires a great foundation. Even if you have a bomb styling product, if it’s being layered atop a less than ideal shampoo and conditioner, your hair is likely not going to respond exactly how you want it to. The LOVE shampoo utilizes almond extract to hydrate without impacting the structure of your hair. Like the rest of the line, it enhances volume and shine while taming frizz.

LOVE Conditioner

If shampoo is the frame of a good foundation, the conditioner is what seals the frame together to create a solid base. The LOVE conditioner is designed to follow up the shampoo with a dose of vitamins and proteins. Vitamins B and E provide deep nourishment to the curls, along with having soothing effects. Healthy nourished hair means the best curls of your life.

LOVE Cleansing Cream

A Curl Line would be incomplete without a co-wash aka cleansing cream in its lineup. Co-wash is great for curlies because it cleanses and conditions at the same time, often providing intense hydration. Co-wash is great to use in between full shampoos.

LOVE Hair Mask

Most hair masks are designed for either hydration or repairing, and often both. The LOVE Curl Mask restores your hair’s natural hydration while softening and smoothing your curls. This means less tangles, less frizz, and improved workability.

LOVE Curl Primer

The first step post-shampoo. The Curl Primer works great paired alongside another curl product as it quite literally primes the hair to enhance the productivity of the next product. It works as a detangler, conditions, and de-frizzes, while also providing heat protection and anti-humidity qualities.

LOVE Curl Cream

The revamped original Curl styler from LOVE. Curl Cream is a lightweight cream that is worked into curls for definition. It leaves curls soft and shiny rather than crunchy or weighed down. It also includes heat protectant to protect your curls.

LOVE Curl Controller

A slightly stronger cream than the above curl cream, the Curl Controller utilizes Vitamins B and E for elasticity and smoothness. It provides Curl definition even in high-humidity (so necessary in NC), heat protection, and controlled volume.

LOVE Curl Revitalizer

Day two curls can be a whole different ballgame than fresh from the shower curls and that’s exactly what the Revitalizer was designed to solve. Misted onto dry curls, it re-invigorates your curl definition, providing hold and frizz-control. The hold and control are balanced out by vitamins and proteins for softness and elasticity.

Bonus LOVE

And last, while not a direct member of the LOVE crew, we can’t talk curls without mentioning, “This is a Curl Building Serum.” A salon favorite (of stylists and guests), the serum adds elasticity (which we know means enhancing your curls), improves shine, while de-frizzing and prepping for anti-humidity. Curl Building Serum pairs great with the Curl Primer and can also be used as a blowout serum for blowing curly or wavy hair out straight.

We LOVE that Davines created this line to solve the unique concerns of curlies everywhere. While moisturizing and smoothing products can be awesome for curls, they don’t always fill all of the needs of curly hair.

The Davines Line is designed exclusively for curls, making it extra fab at solving every curl concern you could imagine. If you need help figuring out the right combination for your particular curl or wave pattern, stop by the studio or give us a call. We love to talk curly hair and we really enjoy being able to help you revitalize, improve, and LOVE your curls.


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