Meet Our Newest Team Member: Kari

Meet Our Newest Team Member, Kari!

If you’ve been into the studio in the past couple of months, or if you follow us on instagram, then you’ve probably already met our newest team member. Kari joined the Garnish Academy, our apprenticeship program, in February and we figured it was time to officially introduce her to you all! We sat down with Kari to ask her some questions that would help you get to know her.

What made you choose Garnish for your apprenticeship?
Kari: There’s really not just one thing. Garnish is a teaching salon that focuses on continuous growth and learning, which is something that is very important to me and the goals that I have for my career. It’s also a space for people to transform themselves, which is a magical thing to witness on a daily basis.

What is your favorite thing to do with hair?
Kari: Color transformations because you can make a great impact with color whether it’s soft dimension or a complete change.

What are some things that make you happy?
Kari: Music, the mountains, dogs, and vegan eats.

Who is your hair industry icon?
Kari: Honestly… Candice Motley. She has the balance of an artist and a successful business-minded stylist, and I think that’s rare to find, and it makes her an amazing mentor.

Who is your #hairgoals idol?
Kari: Shakira. Or Thumbelina.

What are you most looking forward to about starting your career at Garnish?
Kari: Every day I see tremendous, moving, and LIFE CHANGING transformations. It’s not just once in a while. It’s every day. Which is truly an honor to witness. At the same time, every day I am learning so so much. I am growing faster and greater than I thought possible. Garnish is givng me that. Garnish is giving me, every day, my very own life changing transformation.


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