TREND ALERT: Summer Hair 2018

Hair Trend Alert!

The temperatures are finally beginning to suggest that Summer may be around the corner so we wanted to go ahead and get prepared with a few of our favorite upcoming Summer trends. You know we looove to guess what’s going to be on trend as the seasons change and this year we’ve picked our top three.

Braids + Top Knots with Scarves

This is a super cute boho-chic trend that we just loooove. You can use pretty much any cute scarf, but it looks really fab with a flowy silk one. You can use your scarf to accessorize your hair in a variety of ways… tied at the top of a braid, tied around a top knot or even braided into the braid. Obsessed.

A Summer of Texture

The next thing we are all about this Spring into Summer is living it up with your natural texture. Whether that’s the curliest of curls or the beachiest of waves, Summer is a great time to just go with your hair’s natural texture pattern. We all know the NC humidity is no joke, and if you flat iron your hair before spending any more than about five minutes outside, then the waves, curls, frizz, and poof are going to return ASAP. Our best tips for enhancing your texture and helping it survive the heat and humidity is finding the perfect cocktail of products for your hair. If you need help finding the right prescription for your texture, come on into the studio and chat with one of our stylists. We love helping find solutions to your hair needs!

Handy Dandy Top-Knot

Finally, our last favorite Summer trend is a bit of a classic… the TOP KNOT. There is nothing better in the hot summer temps than tossing your hair up on top of your head. Top knots are bomb because they can be messy or sleek and can work whether you’re hanging out at the pool, or going to an evening soiree. Summer top knots are EVERYTHING. Here’s how!

Alright, you are officially ready to rock the Summer trends. Have you noticed an upcoming hair trend that we haven’t mentioned?! Hit us up on instagram or facebook and let us know!


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