Meet the Garnish Moms 💛

This Mother’s Day we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the moms of Garnish. We are so thankful for the love, wisdom, and strength that they bring to our team. In honor of the day dedicated to the amazing moms of the world, we wanted to share a little bit of #momlife from our Garnish gals.


Niko: “I love just jamming out in the car together. We like the same kind of music and we sing and dance… it’s a whole thing.”

Tish: “Seeing my son, Elijah, graduate from high school. Just seeing him walk across that stage… it about took me out!”

Kari: “When they started sleeping through the night…” (kidding) “One time they cooked dinner for us… Kaylen had just gotten back from cooking camp and they wanted to cook dinner. They kicked us out onto the front porch and set up a table complete with a menu. They even sang and danced as “entertainment” for the evening.”

Candice: “When Kingston got stuck in a beach bucket and just lost it.” (see video) “And for Hou… it’s actually a more serious moment. She had an accident when she was a baby that resulted in a fractured skull. I was beside myself with the most overwhelming Mom guilt. I thought I had ruined her life. The further away from the moment the more grateful I am that the situation wasn’t worse and she’s okay now. It’s my favorite because it’s the most powerful moment I’ve had as a mom.”


Niko: “My favorite thing about Maika is how proud she is to be Maika. She’s so confident in who she is at such a young age.”

Tish: “Elijah is really thoughtful and caring… always making sure you’re okay and checking to see what you need. Ashanti is not easy to persuade… she’s an independent thinker and I love that about her. Tyler wants to learn everything and can answer all of your questions, so I just love her intellect.”

Kari: “Kaylen loves to read and is really smart and creative—and she’s really responsible for an 11 year old and is always looking for ways to show that. I love that Kenna is a tomboy, but also a nurturer… she always opens the car door for me.”

Candice: “My favorite thing about Kingston is how loving he is. He will stop whatever he’s doing just to run across the room to give me a hug. I love how Houston brings Kingston out of this shell.”

And to all of the mother’s that make up Garnish’s amazing clients, Happy Mother’s Day!


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