Niko Takes the West Coast

The Garnish Education Series

Niko Takes the West Coast

A few weeks ago we introduced our Education Series, detailing why education is so important to us, and how it benefits both our stylists and our guests. If you missed that post, you can read all the deets here (link to education post). We wanted to give you the behind-the-scenes as each of our stylists adventured to different cities for their classes. First up, Niko Jones takes the West Coast…

Name of Class: Color Correction Foilayage
Class Location: San Diego, CA
Educator: Ashley Norman (@ashleenormanhair)

We asked Niko a couple of questions about her trip…

Why did you choose this particular class to attend?
Candice had gone to Ashlee Norman’s class when she was in Raleigh and really loved the class. She sent me some videos from the class and they were so dope. I love foiling, and really wanted to learn a more modern technique that still used foils.

What are the top three things you learned from your class?
1. How to take someone from brunette to blonde in one appointment

2. A completely new way to formulate color

3. A new mindset on the way to place color

Now that you’ve been back in the studio for a little while, how have you implemented what you learned into your services?
This class completely changed my color game. I love the results every time. I’ve switched most of my clients to this new method and they love the results, too!

To check out Niko’s foilyage results, visit @longlivethecurlies or scroll through Garnish’s insta, too. Stay tuned for Christine’s Winter Adventure to Connecticut!


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