Transformation Spotlight feat. Niko

We wanted to shine some light on a couple of our recent transformations by Extension Stylist, Niko Jones. Extensions are often a part of a journey towards self-confidence and self-love and we absolutely love getting to be a part of that journey. Whether you’re looking for a little more volume, a lot more length, or a complete transformation, our specialty is helping you achieve your hair dreams.

Niko has been pouring into her extension craft through weekly classes and on-site training with Natural Beaded Rows, and has truly been leveling up her extension game. Check out some of her most recent work below.

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First up is Jen’s Hairdreams Extensions Transformation. Jen has some previous damage to her hair and has a hard time achieving her ideal length. Her nano fusion extensions allow her to have some lightnes through the ends of her hair, while also giving her the length and fullness that she loves.

We love that sometimes extensions can allow you to achieve your color goals that your natural hair may not be able to support. Our guests choose extensions for so many different reasons!

Next up is Vickie’s Foilyage + NBR Extensions Transformation. Vickie was looking for fullness with a little bit of added length and an udpate to her color. Niko first created a new look for her color by adding a money piece (the brighter highlight in the front) while also adding dimension into her crown area to blend her grown out lighter ends. Vickie’s goal was for her color to look very natural so keeping it soft and blended created a beautiful natural honey blonde.

They then added two and a half rows of NBR Extensions to achieve her length and fullness goals. How much do you LOVE this end look?

Stay tuned for more amazing transformations…


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