The NBR Experience at Garnish

nbr hair extensions

nbr hair extensions

Whenever there’s a new craze you begin to see it everywhere.

In the fashion world what typically happens is that every company rushes to create their version of the trend creating a multitude of offerings varying in quality and style. When it comes to hair trends, it takes a lot of continuing education, practice, and commitment to learning and growing your craft in order to truly master a new trend. That’s why we place such a huge emphasis on education—because we value staying ahead of the curve to consistently offer the best services at the highest quality. That’s also why we’ve been a part of the NBR Extension community for quite a while now.

Hair extensions is a whole different universe inside of the hair industry requiring a different level of artistry and integrity. Women come into our studio every day placing their self-confidence, beauty goals, and vulnerabilities into our hands, and we take that as a huge responsibility. When Candice first learned of NBR, she chose not to offer it immediately to her guests because she realized that there was a level of practiced skill required in order to offer the service at the highest standard. She chose instead to attend an in-person class in Laguna with the NBR creator, Danielle, in order to study the craft on a first-hand level.

nbr extensions

nbr hair extensions

After returning from class, Candice still chose not to offer the service immediately, instead taking the time to practice every single day in order to master the skill before offering it to her guests. Since that time, she has attended a number of courses and intensives on the method and has become both Level 3 Certified (the current highest level of certification) along with being a BMS Convention Trainer at their bi-annual conference. We have been offering the method in the studio for a year and a half and during that time our other extension specialist, Niko, has become Level 2 Certified, and our soon-to-be new stylist, Reece, has become Level 1 Certified. Candice implemented what is called a “power practice” into their training that requires 15 minutes of practice every day.

As a studio, we believe in the method as one of the highest quality extension methods in existence due to the fact that it’s the maximum amount of hair achievable with the most minimal amount of attachment points. This means it’s one of the safest methods for your natural hair with proper extension care. It also means it allows your natural hair the most “room” to grow as it’s such a delicate, seamless method. And it’s because we believe this that we’ve dedicated so much time, energy, and resources to ensure we are highly trained and skilled in offering the service.

With our transition into offering exclusively extension related services, we have been able to hone our skills even further, ensuring that no matter which stylist you see at Garnish, you will be taken care of with the same level of understanding for the method, and you can feel comfortable knowing every stylist has practiced extensively to perfect their craft.

We are super passionate about Natural Beaded Rows as a method, and we believe in the incredible transformations we have been able to create through NBR. If you have any questions about the method, the process, the maintenance, or what’s achievable for you—call us! We would love to talk you through it.

You can also visit to hear firsthand from Candice about how NBR changed her life, and the steps to take in order for it to change yours, too.


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