Happy New Hair (Year)! ✨

There’s something inherently refreshing about the New Year, and new hair for that matter!

Even if you don’t subscribe to the traditional “Resolutions” we often find ourselves wanting to start fresh, set new goals, and move forward differently.

Here at Garnish we believe that goals are a year-long thing, but we still take time to write down a whole new set at the new year. This desire to start fresh can manifest itself in different ways—cleaning and reorganizing the whole house, starting new health practices, or even changing your whole look.

We love this innate connection between the beginning of a year and setting yourself on the path to looking and feeling your best. Psychologically, hair plays a huge role in how we see ourselves. It’s why we change our hair throughout our lives, trying on different colors, cuts, and styles.

It’s why it’s so painful to us when our hair doesn’t look the way we wish it did, or when it changes due to health issues, aging, or pregnancy. This connection is also why we all here at Garnish feel so passionate about hair extensions. It’s an unfortunate truth that we don’t all automatically love our hair as is. In fact, most of us would change something about it if we could, whether it’s the length, texture, or volume.

As we each are on our own journey towards self-love and self-confidence, we have discovered that if there’s something you know will make you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror—then you should go for it. Feeling good about yourself is something so powerful that it can create a positive ripple effect throughout your entire life.

It contributes to your confidence, to how you communicate, and even to how you interact with others. And if your hair is your thing… the one that your eyes go to every time you look in the mirror… the one you’ve been aching to change for so long… then know that there is a solution for you. We have been blessed to be a part of transforming so many women through the art of hair extensions, and it’s because we’ve seen it work so many times that we know it’s a possibility for you, too.

If you’ve been considering your 2019 goals, and feeling better about yourself, feeling more confident, and truly loving the woman in the mirror are at the top of your list, then what are you waiting for?

We have a simple process for beginning your hair journey here at Garnish, and it begins with applying here.

Once we receive your application, our guest service team will reach out to invite you into the studio for an in-depth consultation so we can help you find the best possible solution to create your ideal vision for your hair. We would love the opportunity to facilitate your 2019 self-love goals, and can’t wait to meet you soon.

Much love,
The Garnish Team


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