Introducing Lauren & Susan

If you’ve been following the blog for the past week, you saw that our Salon Manager, Kassy, has recently transitioned out of that role and into a new one.

If that left you wondering who would be taking on that role, well, we didn’t want to leave you hanging for long. Without further ado, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the TWO incredible individuals who will be sharing the Guest Service space and taking care of all the guest service related things within the studio.

Both of our two new team members have extensive experience working with guests, managing, and creating an organized, efficient space. They are both detail-oriented, caring, easy to talk to, and both LOVE hair. All of this means that when you call or come into the studio you will be in GREAT hands for all of your appointment scheduling, rescheduling, having questions answered and more.

Introducing… Lauren Hall & Susan Wright!

Garnish Extension Studio

A little bit about Lauren

Lauren was first introduced to Garnish as a guest of Niko’s, which means she truly understands the guest perspective. She previously spent a decade in the corporate world as an IT project manager for a large clinical research company. After falling out of love with her career and eventually choosing to leave it behind in pursuit of a lifestyle fueled by her passions, she answered our call for a new Studio Manager and here she is!

She loves using the skills from her old life as a project manager in a brand new way while being surrounded by so much beautiful hair and all the best haircare products. (Lauren is definitely a product junkie and would love to talk to you about haircare products!) Engaging with clients is at the top of her priority list, as well as utilizing her acute knack for details, and juggling all the schedules.

Garnish Extension Studio

A little bit about Susan

Susan first fell in love with the world of hair extensions when she came into the studio to make her own mermaid hair dreams a reality in Candice’s chair. From that moment she was hooked, and she loves being a part of the hair transformations for each of our guests. She brings previous salon coordination experience to the role along with high end retail service through her time working for Lilly Pullitzer.

Her passion for organization and attention to detail means you will be in excellent hands for scheduling your services, coordinating details, and if you ever need guest services assistance. Susan is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and you will love the chance to talk to her when you come into the studio.

Garnish Extension Studio

We are so thrilled to have Lauren and Susan as a part of the Garnish Team and know that you will love working with both of them whenever you come into the studio!


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