Behind the Scenes – Level Up Wednesdays

Here at Garnish, we value education as one of the most important aspects of being an industry leading stylist and salon. This means we dedicate time to our education in a variety of different ways throughout the week and month. Each week we have our Academy, and each of our Academy members sets aside time to learn and practice. Every team member participates in “power practice” which is 15 minutes of dedicated hands-on practice every single day.

And we set aside time as a team each month for either business/personal growth education or skills-specific education. Well, guess what? Starting in the new year, we’ve added one more weekly training to our schedules.

Introducing… Level Up Wednesdays

If you’ve been following Garnish’s evolution into an extension-focused salon, you know that we have added a few new team members over the past several months. With new team members alongside our academy, we decided to create a program to help elevate our entire team and get everyone on the same page in terms of extension services. Every single one of our team members has committed to setting aside this time to train as a team and focus on becoming elite extension specialists.

Our goal is to ensure that whenever you come into Garnish, you will be able to receive a service with any of our stylists and will experience the same level of training and skill no matter whose chair you sit in. As we have chosen to delve deeper into our specialty, we truly believe that every one of our stylists should be able to provide each of our services. This facilitates not only our team based environment, but also allows you, our guests, more flexibility in terms of scheduling and budget (as our stylists continue to work on a level-based system).

While our services may have shifted slightly, it’s important to us that the Garnish Experience never waver. We have chosen to dedicate this time on Wednesdays to ensure that every team member is up to speed on the different methods that we offer, removals for each method, applications for each method, and even what we call “quick fixes” for each method as extensions have a way of occasionally needing a little tweak between tidy-up appointments.

We will be sharing some behind the scenes peeks into our trainings through our Instagram Stories every Wednesday, so if you’re not already following us on Instagram, hit us up. We look forward to sharing our Level Up Experience with you!


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