Happy Self-Love Day❣️

There’s a trend that’s happening slowly but surely, and it’s one that we are totally here for. And while trends often come and go, this one we believe is here to stay. In light of a certain holiday today we wanted to talk to you a little bit about the most important relationship in your life: YOU.

When you really take a moment to reflect, you realize how impactful taking care of yourself can be. So much of what we do in life—how we interact with others, how we care for others, how we take care of ourselves in terms of what we eat and activity levels… it all comes back to how we feel about ourselves. And I mean, how we really, truly feel deep down.

At our core, we instinctively want to love and care for ourselves. The reasons why we find it so difficult are based on years of societal standards, social conditioning, and negative self-talk, which is often learned at a very young age. It takes time and effort to undo those standards, but ultimately, it IS possible to fall in love with yourself and begin the process of not just taking care of yourself, but really investing in yourself as a person.

There are many aspects to self-investment and they can look vastly different based on you as a person, your individual needs, and what makes YOU feel good. There’s internal self-investment such as taking a class to learn a new skill, reading a book, meditating, listening to music that makes you feel good, and many more things. And then there’s external self-investment such as getting a massage or facial, buying new clothes, working out, or getting your hair or nails done. There’s value in both aspects of self-investment, and it’s incredibly personal what works best for you.

On a daily basis we meet women who have struggled deeply with a physical aspect of themselves. Whether they’ve lived their whole life with thin or fine hair, or they’ve experienced thinning and loss due to a medical illness, or their postpartum hair loss really hits them hard, their hair is something that keeps them from feeling self-confident. Our passion for hair extensions is rooted in the ability to help transform that aspect for women and help them feel amazing when they look in a mirror. Internal self-investment and external self-investment are intricately linked together in that often it takes both to truly achieve self-love.

One of the most difficult aspects of walking down the path towards self-care is that we sometimes experience a level of guilt for focusing on ourselves instead of our children, partner, or really anyone else. The reality is that if we invest in ourselves and care for ourselves, we are better able to show up for the people in our lives that matter most. Don’t you want your son and daughter to know that they are perfect exactly as they are and they are loved unconditionally?

Being a living example by loving yourself unconditionally will leave a far more lasting impact than if you constantly put yourself last because you feel like you “should.”

As our Valentine’s Day gift to you, we are giving you permission (in the hopes that you will give YOURSELF permission) to take some time for self-care. Whether that’s taking a long hot bath, or just going for a walk outside, whether it’s signing up for that class you’ve been dying to take, or if it’s finally achieving the hair of your dreams… you deserve to feel AMAZING about yourself.

It may not come natural to you, but we promise, you will never regret making an investment in YOU. You are so worthy of feeling loved, and the best place to start is by loving yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Garnish Team <3


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