Extension Spotlight – Busy Mom Life featuring Susan

Hair Extension Spotlight featuring Susan

Hair Extension Spotlight

Our very own Salon Coordinator, Susan, first came to Garnish as a guest of the salon seeking hair extensions. She’s been wearing her hair extensions now for about four months and is a full-on believer in how life-changing they can be. We absolutely love Susan’s story with hair extensions, so we wanted to shine some light on her experience in the hopes that all the other busy moms out there can relate.

We sat down and talked with Susan about her journey…

What brought about your decision to try hair extensions? 

About three months after the birth of Shep (her adorable baby boy), I noticed that my hair had thinned out a lot. I had never been able to grow my hair out past my shoulders anyway and now it was even thinner.

I also realized that before having my baby I always wanted to get ready and go out and do something, and after having him I just wanted to stay at home. I realized I didn’t want to live in sweatpants all the time, and I needed to find a way to feel like myself again.

What changed for you when you got your NBR Extensions? 

The biggest thing was that it served as a reminder to not forget about taking care of myself. It definitely gave me my confidence back! You have to give yourself permission to take time for you. The confidence I gained helped me to get over that postpartum feeling of losing your identity a little bit.

Did anything surprise you about your experience with wearing hair extensions?

I didn’t realize before how much your hair can affect your life. If you feel like you look good, then you automatically feel good. It makes such a difference.

As a busy mom, what’s the biggest benefit of wearing hair extensions? 

I don’t have to worry about washing and fixing my hair every day! I went from washing my hair every single day to once or maybe twice a week. It’s the biggest time saver.

If it’s curled I just have to touch up the front, but the extensions hold a curl so well. Even putting it up in a ponytail is better than before because you feel more put together… and like a mermaid. 🙂

What’s the number one things you would want other women to know about wearing hair extensions?

Extensions gave me the dream hair that I could never have achieved otherwise. The confidence you gain is invaluable. And more than anything… Don’t forget about YOU. It’s okay to take the time to take care of yourself.

If you relate to Susan’s experience and are curious about if hair extensions might work for you, visit to learn more.


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