Extensions for Everyone! 🎉

We’ve talked before about the versatility of hair extensions when it comes to color and texture, etc. but there’s an important aspect of their versatility that we’ve never really talked about. When it comes to extensions there is often a misconception about “who” wears hair extensions and what exactly hair extensions look like. The reality is that women choose hair extensions for all kinds of reasons and just as varied as their style and cut is before hair extensions, it can be just as different with hair extensions as well.

Because we offer both traditional extensions and crown extensions (need to know more about crowns, check out this recent post) we have a lot of flexibility in terms of the solutions we can offer to meet womens’ hair needs.

Whether their hair is thin and fine, or it stopped growing, or they’re experiencing loss due to hormones or aging… we most often have a solution. This means that the women who come into our studio for hair extensions are incredibly diverse and we LOVE that. We’ve found that there are essentially no limits when it comes to age and style of extensions.

We welcome women of every age to our studio. We want each and every person to feel welcome no matter what their hair looks like, how they choose to style it, or just because there’s a preconceived notion that hair extensions are only to make your hair “long and pretty.” For us, hair extensions are an incredible solution to women’s hair problems such as thinning and loss, that provide confidence and self-love to the individual wearing them.

At Garnish, we take pride in the fact that our clientele is diverse, that everyone is welcomed at the door just the same, and that we will always do our best to ensure we can meet your needs and make your hair goals a reality.

If you want to follow along with the diversity of our clientele and their hair and see just how many beautiful women we work with, follow us on instagram and facebook. We share photos (from those guests who give us permission) of our transformations and we are proud to be able to showcase the versatility of hair extensions through our beautiful clients.

We would love to welcome you to our studio as well! Click here to get started.


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