Swoon-worthy Hand-tied Hair Extensions 😍

If you’re in tune with the hair extensions industry at all, there’s a particular term that’s been getting all the buzz lately. Because it’s a part of our business, we wanted to give you a breakdown of what this term really means. Today we’re talking all about hand tied hair extensions.

It’s a common misconception that “hand tied” refers to the method of extensions, when actually it refers to the hair used in the extensions. To be more specific, the extension hair that we utilize is crafted in different ways. For Natural Beaded Rows extensions, there are two types of hair that can be used. Hand tied or machine tied hair. We choose to use hand tied hair for a couple of different reasons. First, it goes through numerous quality checks to ensure the very best possible result. Because we believe in bringing you, our guests, the highest quality of products, hair extensions, etc. we love that this hair is checked so thoroughly.

Second, it’s actually made by a person who goes through a specific process to ensure the hair is top knotch. The first step is combing it through a loom device that they use to remove any hair that isn’t perfect. Then they tie10-15 strands at a time; one weft of hair is made up of hundreds of ties. Because the hair is hand stitched, the seam that creates the top of the weft is much thinner, softer, and more comfortable to wear. Machine tied hair, while quality checked in the same way, has a bulkier seam due to the machine stitching used.

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions have existed for long before they became a popular buzz word in the industry. They were made so popular by the beaded row method, and have since become extremely well known and often confused as an actual method themselves. This popularity has also led to an increased demand for hand tied extensions. Due to hair being a finite resource and the method of creation requiring actual hands to do the stitching, this has led to a couple of different results within the industry. First, like most supply and demand situations, the cost of hand tied hair has increased over the past few years. Second, the supply has also become more limited while more and more extension artists are seeking out hand tied hair.

We are honored to be a part of two exclusive collections of hand tied hair, ensuring that our studio stays at the forefront of offering hand tied hair extensions. We were one of the first studios to test out a brand new line called Covet & Mane, particularly featuring textured hair, which is even more difficult to come by. Second, we are the first studio to be bringing in the NBR Extensions own brand of hair launching this month called ISLA Hair Extensions. Being a part of these brands allows us to keep utilizing the highest quality of hand tied extensions on the market.

If you’ve been seeing the buzz on hand tied hair extensions, and you’re ready to try them for yourself, click I WANT HAIR EXTENSIONS! We can’t wait to see you soon!


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