Happy 4th of July! 💥

Happy Independence Day!

If you’re not at the beach, you’re probably at the pool, and if you’re not at the pool you’re definitely attending a BBQ. No matter where you are, the temps are hot, it’s humid AF, and no one wants to mess with their hair right now. ESPECIALLY if you’ve got hair extensions, which let’s be real can be kind of like a blanket on your neck. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to share some different ways to wear your hair today (and for the rest of this blistering hot Summer).

First up…Bandanas + other hair accessories

…may just be your best friend. We love bandanas because they serve a dual purpose. They’re super cute and fashionable, but they also absorb sweat from your scalp, which TBH we all need right now. They also hide the fact that you probably need to wash your hair, but you’ve just decided to throw it up in a pony or a braid, because it’s too hot for freshly washed hair anyway.

Next up… Braids

We love a braid all year long, but in the Summer it’s just about the cutest way to get your hair off your neck while still looking like you put some effort into your hairstyle. (This is not us hating on a messy top knot.. that’s coming up next). Braids can be done in so many different ways… it allows you some flexibility and creativity with your hair while still guaranteeing that you’re not going to have to worry about it while you’re out in the hot Summer sun.

Yep, you knew it was coming…

that messy topknot life is EVERYTHING

in the summertime, and it’s also one of our favorite NBR styles. NBR Extensions are one of the only methods of hair extensions that allow you to wear your hair up, and we think this is a total gamechanger. You can definitely put that bandana to good use with this style, which is a super easy way to make your topknot that much more chic.

If you REALLY want to wear your hair down, but you’re still looking for a way to keep it off your face and make it not quite so hot, we recommend a half up-half down style. The seamless nature of NBR Extensions makes this style a breeze, and you can change it up. A half pony, half top knot, or even braiding back the front are great ways to get your hair off your face while still wearing it down.

No matter what you’re doing this 4th of July or how you choose to style your hair, we wish you fun, safety, and tons of good food & drinks. We also wanted to take a moment to shout out our NBR Tribe—the amazing nationwide group of hairstylists who specialize in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. One of Candice’s fellow platform artists, Amanda, posted the photo at the beginning of this post that inspired us writing this, and graciously allowed us to share it. We are so blessed to be a part of such a great network of creatives.

Happy 4th of July, friends!


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