The Subtle Magic of One Row ✨

Guest Written by our amazing Niko Jones

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While all of our extension transformations are dope, I wanted to take some time to shine some light on my favorite kind of transformation—the subtlety of one row. What I love about having one row is that it looks like it’s just your hair, but better. It’s a super natural look, and you may or may not know, but I’m all about a natural look. I love anything that’s low maintenance, and one row is the most low maintenance way to have extensions.

The Look.

Having wispy ends is more common than you’d think, and one row gives you fullness and fills in the gaps at your ends. If you don’t really want more length, but have always wished your hair was just a little fuller, one row is the perfect solution. It also makes certain styles possible for women with finer hair, such as a blunt bob. If you love the look of a blunt cut, but your hair just isn’t quite thick enough, adding one row will give you that clean line. Long haired girls, this applies to you, too. If you have longer hair, but it gets thin on the ends as it grows longer, one row will give you the perfect fullness and style.

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When it comes to both time and financial investment, having just one row is the most cost effective way to have NBR. Hair extensions are an investment in both time and cost, and the more extensions you have the higher the cost and the longer the appointment. One row is super chill. Tidy up appointments are typically even less than an hour.

The Ease.

Overall one row is just easier to manage. Having just one row means your extensions feel really light; you can barely feel that they’re there. Once you get used to it you don’t even feel it anymore. You can still pull it up or wear it half up half down, or really any style you’d like. Starting off with one row is also a great way to start wearing hair extensions. It allows you to get used to a new routine, and you can always add on for length and more volume when you’re ready. If you’re worried about extensions being too much, this is the way to go to get the extension experience, but not be overwhelmed by it.


When it comes to curls, a lot of women struggle with their hair having different curl patterns. For me, with having curly hair, my curl patterns are different so I have shorter curls in certain spots. Wearing one row of NBR evens everything out. And if you have kind of flat curls, it will add so much volume to your look.

A lot of people start their journey needing at least two rows to achieve a beautiful blend. After one rotation of extensions their hair grows enough so they can transition to one row. Wearing hair extensions can help you meet your length goals and then you can just enhance your natural hair with the one row of NBR.

As an artist who works with a lot of women trying to grow out their hair, that’s honestly my goal—to get everyone to a happy place with their hair and then have them wear just one row for volume and style. I also love when someone grows out of their one row and has to get longer hair. It shows that your hair does still grow when you have extensions, and we are able to help you achieve your growth goals.

If you relate to having skinny ends, or just want to try out hair extensions with the lowest maintenance possible, wearing just one row might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Check out our application, and let’s get started on making your hair goals a reality!


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