Amani’s Garnish Love Story

Each one of our team members means the world to us. Our team is the core of everything Garnish and we are so blessed to have such amazing people that make up our crew. We wanted to take the month of December to introduce you to each one of our team members in a new light—their Love Story with Garnish. Each story of how our team came together is a little different so we’ll be sharing both their perspective and Candice’s on how they came to be a Garnish stylist. First up is our sweet Studio Apprentice, Amani.

Earlier last year Amani was working at a full-service salon watching her fellow stylists taking all services, double and triple booking, and just in full-on rush mode all the time. She has always liked to take her time with her guests, truly connecting, and couldn’t see herself rushing people in and out and double booking. She knew when it came to hair she wanted to do something deeper and more rewarding. Enter Niko.

Amani told us that it all began when she started following Niko on Instagram and watching her live videos. Inpsired by Niko she started following Garnish. It didn’t take long for her to realize that THIS was what she wanted to do—work with women who had fine hair, thinning hair, and experiencing hair loss. She wanted to do extensions, but was comfortable in her current space and scared of what leaving would look like. Enter Candice.

When Amani saw the video of Candice talking about transitioning Garnish into an extension-exclusive salon she knew that this was where she was supposed to be. She thought it was such a brave and risk-taking decision to make that it inspired her to take the risk and reach out to Niko about Garnish. She sent in her video, filled out the infamous 10 page application, and the rest is history.

In her own words, Amani says, “These are my people. I love them. They touch all of my heart strings and help me be a better person.”

Recently, after having returned from the Thanksgiving break, Amani had a realization that she feels perfectly reflects her love affair with Garnish. She says, “I love off time, I love vacation, I love traveling, and Garnish is one of the only places where I really have to work hard. I am pushed to the limit every day here. You would think it would be hard to come back but it felt so good to come back. Who is happy to go back to work after a 5 day break?? It says a lot about where I work and the people I work with.”

When we talked to Candice about her experience with Amani joining the team, she shared how she knew from the moment she first saw Amani’s application video that she was meant to be a part of our team. No matter how her shadowing went or what skills she had, Candice could tell immediately what kind of person she is. In the past year, we’ve watched Amani change and grow and now her confidence is through the roof and we see such a different person every day. Garnish is all about hiring for who you are on the inside, and with Amani it was clear from the very beginning that she would become a part of our team.

We are so blessed to have Amani’s positive energy, incredible work ethic, humor, and fun as a part of our team. We can’t wait to see how her talent continues to blossom as she transitions from apprentice to stylist in the next year.


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