Reece’s Garnish Love Story

Each one of our team members means the world to us. Our team is the core of everything Garnish and we are so blessed to have such amazing people that make up our crew. We wanted to take the month of December to introduce you to each one of our team members in a new light—their Love Story with Garnish. Each story of how our team came together is a little different so we’ll be sharing both their perspective and Candice’s on how they came to be a Garnish stylist. This week’s feature is New Talent Stylist, Reece. 

Reece’s love story begins a little bit before Candice went to his school, Paul Mitchell, to give a presentation on hair extensions. While at Paul Mitchell, there was another student who wore hair extensions the entire time. One day she needed someone to put her extensions in and allowed Reece to apply them. He told us, “in that moment I thought it was so crazy what extensions could do and I knew I wanted to pursue them.” Reece also knew that cosmetology school was just the basics and he didn’t want to just graduate and go out on the floor. He wanted to go somewhere super strong in education. He had been talking to all his schoolmates, and his sister who was also in school with him, and really just putting that energy out into the universe.

He said, “One day at school there was this beautiful lady carrying so much shit and so much hair into the school and I was just wondering what was happening.” Candice was at Paul Mitchell to do a presentation on hair extensions and she had brought pretty much the entire essence of Garnish in addition to all the hair. Succulents, garnish décor, and several types of hair extensions.

Reece said that everyone was dressed so nice aand so polished and were so professional in how they were speaking that he immediately began to fall in love. At the time, Candice was wearing removable halo extensions, and she took them out in front of everyone. This moment of realness was one of the biggest sellers for Reece.

At the end of the presentation, Candice asked for a model. Reece told us he, “shot up faster than lights could turn on,” even knocking people over. Despite the fact that all she put in his hair was five fusion bonds, he thought it was so cool and those five little extensions made him feel “brand new.”

It was very little hair in terms of extensions, but it gave him “mad confidence” and really illustrated to him the impact extensions can have on how you feel. Volunteering to model was also Reece’s way of getting his foot in the door as he realized he would have to actually go to Garnish to get the hair extensions removed.

When he walked into Garnish he thought it was so beautiful and such good energy. The whole vibe was so nice and so clean. He told us he wanted to work at Garnish so bad that even just sitting in Candice’s chair to get his extensions removed that he was so nervous. He made sure to deliver his application in person because he wanted to stand out… little did he know that he already had!

Candice told us that as soon as she met Reece, as soon as he offered to help her carry in all the things for her presentation, she just knew that that was it and he was one of Garnish’s people. He had such good energy, was so positive, and had so much tenacity for learning his craft.

Throughout the entire application process he did everything so professionally, and it was easy to tell how badly he wanted it. He didn’t care that the program could be two years long, he didn’t care what the pay rate was, what long hours he might have to work, etc. There was nothing Candice could have done to deter Reece from wanting to work at Garnish. As soon as he was hired he brought so much energy into the studio. And now, a month from testing out to be on the floor as a stylist, he still breathes so much life into the salon. Reece will be our first to graduate through the Garnish Academy, and our love story with him just keeps on growing. Stay tuned for Niko’s Love Story coming up next week!


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