For the love of texture 😍

We wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about one of our specialties within our specialty. It’s something we’re super passionate about and we have poured a lot of time and energy into being well-educated when it comes to this area.

Of course we’re talking about TEXTURED hair extensions.

We pride ourselves on being really well versed with a lot of different hair textures, and it goes far beyond just curly or straight. There’s curly, there’s fluffy, there’s coils, there’s silky straight, there’s just a hint of a wave… the list goes on.

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

NBR Extensions

The texture is also what shape the hair is in. There’s different “finishes” of hair aka how the hair actually feels. You can have a rough finish on curly hair or you can have a silky finish on curly hair, and so on and so forth for different curl patterns. You can also have fine hair or thick hair in all different textures. There are so many different combinations that make each person’s head of hair unique. Which means that creating the perfect blend between someone’s natural hair and extension hair requires a lot of expertise.

It takes significant training and experience to be able to match textures when it comes to all of these different variables. Especially when you add in matching and blending the color at the same time. It’s why we pride ourselves on having such a diverse clientele that chooses us.

When it comes to the world of hair, extensions are already a niche within the industry. Specializing in a lot of different textures is essentially our niche within the extension niche. Extensions are already highly specialized, but there are even fewer salons and stylists that are well-versed in working with and blending different textures.
You may have read that Garnish recently became the east coast’s first and only training salon inside of Natural Beaded Rows extensions.

At the most recent training event, Candice hosted a private break out session for stylists looking for extra education in this category. Some of your fave team member’s were a part of the training as models for some of our most popular textures. Check out the photos below!

If you’re interested in finding out more about hair extensions that curl and respond to the weather just like your natural hair, click the link below! If you’re a hairstylist and you’re interested in learning more about diversity inside of hair extensions, make sure to follow us on social because we have a curly class in the works and will be announcing all the details soon!

We love working with different textures and we love to share the knowledge so other stylists can do the same! It’s so important to us that women with all different hair types can experience the world of hair extensions.


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