BTS: The Garnish Education Grind

If you know anything about Garnish, you probably know that education is one of the most important facets of our salon. We pour a huge amount of time and energy into all kinds of different trainings and education, and we thought we’d take a moment to share with you all the amount of effort and work it takes to be a stylist inside of Garnish.

Garnish Hair Extension Education

First, we want to brag on two very special stylists—Reece and Amani.

Garnish Hair Extension Education

Reece has just hit his two and a half year mark, and Amani is at one year and some change. Over this time, they have both been put to the test and stretched, and have learned so much in the process. We have truly been blown away by the amount of dedication that these two have had to learning their craft on a deeper level and becoming Garnish stylists. (In case you missed the announcement, Reece was recently promoted to Level One Stylist and Amani was recently promoted to New Talent Stylist!)

Which brings us to our two new hires, Vanessa and April. To work inside Garnish, the standard is very high. Each person who joins our team has to be equally committed to delving deep into their education. The expectation is set for them to focus on not just what they’re learning technically, but also to be able to create the type of experience for our guests that Garnish has become known for.

Garnish Hair Extension Education

Apart from the day to day training inside the space, there are two main types of education at Garnish. There’s “behind the chair” training, which is learning a skillset, practicing technically advanced skills and other aspects related to the actual craft. Then there’s “in front of the chair” training, which is focused on business skills like verbiage, role playing, content creation, etc.

Garnish Hair Extension Education Garnish Hair Extension Education

We have a scheduled monthly education which alternates between these two types. If you work at Garnish, you’re required to attend this monthly training and take your education seriously. In addition to this once a month training, we also have one educational studio trip each year. We’ve been to Canada, NYC, New Orleans, and this year we’re hoping to go to California!

Finally, there’s also smaller, but no less important, aspects to our training regimen. One of these is our “weekly recap form.” This form goes over the biggest aha moments from the previous week.

Reece and Amani have been filling these out from their very first week at Garnish, which means now they have a whole assortment of aha moments and things they have learned hands on that they can look back on. Not just to remember what happened, but to read their notes and know why they chose that as their takeaway.

Everything inside of Garnish is set up to encourage growth and to encourage our stylists to continue to level up. We want them to feel amazing inside of the service that they’re delivering, but also within creating that signature Garnish Experience for each of our guests.


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