Spring Hair Trends: Quarantine Edition

Its officially Spring!

Typically we like to feature the season’s current trends, but this year is a little different than any other Spring, so we wanted to make our trends a little different than our typical list. We’re bringing a little Spring energy into the current sitch!

First up, our number one favorite thing to wear right now is hair accessories. ALL the different hair accessories. This is especially perfect for those of you working virtually with Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls. Adding an accessory to your hair can immediately make you look more chic and put together even if it only took you three seconds.

Our TOP accessory right now is a big ass scrunchie. Candice found some of the biggest scrunchies at and is currently rocking them ALL. THE. TIME. Anthro’s hair accessories are so bomb (and they’re pretty much having a sale every day right now).

Also found at Anthro (but also everywhere else, too) is our next favorite accessory—scarves! Scarves are amazing for covering things up (like your roots or the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in a week or possibly even that your rows are getting a bit saggy). There’s big scarves that you can fold up and wear like a bandana and then there’s skinny string-like scarves that you just tie around ponies and braids.

Finally, and this might surprise you, but we LOVE a good clear rubber band. That might not seem like an accessory, but it allows you to do so many different things with your hair. It’s also a more discreet and dainty way to mix things up. They never pull, are easy to cut out, and can be used on the ends of pigtails, in the center of braids to help fluff the braid, for faux braids, and more. Click here to get yours!

Our next favorite trend is something new we’ve just discovered. Admittedly, we were a little skeptical at first, but Candice recently acquired one and we’re obsessed. We’re talking about the amazing Madison braid headband. It’s a braided headband made of hair that you slide on that makes it look like you have a crown braid!

Madison Hair Braids

Madison Hair Braids

You can order it in your hair color (we recommend going with the color on your ends to give a beautiful contrast and more reaslistic look). It’s a little bit shiny when it arrives so just give it a quick spray with dry shampoo and a little fluff and it’ll blend right in with your hair. It’s the perfect way to feel cute and look like you did something to your hair, without ACTUALLY having to do anything to your hair.

Which brings us to our third quarantine trend—braids!

If you’ve never been able to braid your hair or can’t do it well, this is the perfect time to watch some YouTube tutorials and practice, practice, practice! Braids are so great with extensions because it keeps your hair tied back and out of your face without putting any tension on the beads, while also looking super cute. If you’ve been looking for a quick little something to learn or improve on while stuck at home, 10/10 we recommend braiding as one of those things.

Check out a few of our favorite braid tutorials linked below:



Finally, we’re calling this a trend, but it’s pretty much a year-round staple—yep, we’re talking about the TOP KNOT. Top knots are perfect for both Springtime weather (hot days and rainy ones) and the current situation. Sometimes when you’re at home you just want your hair up and out of the way.

You’re working from home, chasing kiddos, cooking and cleaning, working out, binging your fave netflix show… and you just can’t deal with hair, too. Top knots can be paired with any of the accessories mentioned in our first trend, don’t ever go out of style, and are a cute way to discreetly hide your roots that may need to be done.

(And speaking of roots, if you’re currently distressed about your roots growing in or your glaze fading out we have Quarantine Color Kits available in our online shop. We’re shipping them out every Friday to ensure your hair is taken care of properly during this time even though we can’t have you in our chair).

Sending you all the Spring vibes and cute hair until we can see you again!

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