You’re Not Crazy for Still Wanting Hair Extensions During a Pandemic…

Like most small businesses, when we were required to shut down for 8 weeks earlier this year, we were scared. We didn’t know what to expect when we reopened our doors in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic. We know how much our craft means to us and to the women we’ve worked with in the past, but as the world continues to change by the day, we just didn’t know what would happen. Here’s what we’ve found.

As extension specialists we’ve known for a long time that hair extensions are about SO much more than hair. It goes deeper than just the aesthetics. Hair extensions give women confidence and security that they’ve never had due to their natural hair being thin, damaged, or affected by hormones or illness. There’s even something that’s transformational about the instant gratification of suddenly seeing yourself in a whole new light. Our guests have told us countless stories of how their life has changed following their hair extensions appointment. Which is why it makes perfect sense that women are still seeking out hair extensions during this time.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

When it feels like everything is changing day to day and there’s so much unknown, a lot of us are experiencing that feeling of “just go for it.” Life is short and you should feel your absolute best each and every day. And that’s the thing; most women are seeking out hair extensions for the feeling not just the look. For the confidence it gives them, for the feeling of doing something that’s just for them (something most of us women don’t often do), and for feeling really good about themselves when they look in the mirror.

Hair Extensions

So, NO, you’re not crazy for still wanting hair extensions during a global pandemic! It actually makes complete sense. You’ve been home for months, not really able to do much for yourself, working and taking care of kiddos and partners… and you just want something that makes you feel really good. Or maybe you’re feeling the inspiration to go after what you want because life isn’t guaranteed. Whatever it is you’re feeling, we totally get it. And so do all the women who have come in for hair extensions since we reopened at the end of May.

If you’ve been thinking about it… if you’ve been aching for that feel good thing that’s just for you… if you’ve been waiting for a sign that now is the time, this is it. Fill out an application, and let’s get started on transforming how you FEEL and everything that comes along with that. Life’s too short to not be in love with the woman you see in the mirror.


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