June Bombshell – Meet Liz

Liz June Hair Extension BombshellMeet Liz…

Our June Bombshell

You could never tell by this photo, but our June bombshell, Liz was one of the hundreds of thousands of women whose confidence has been affected by hair loss. When Candice was consulting with her, she said that she has waited 18 years to do this for herself. A significant number, because a lot of her hair loss was due to hormones after pregnancy after she had her last baby.

The custom crown that she is sporting took four months for us to get in and work on. Her hair just like many others is very unique. She has super fluffy curly hair, but the density is what was bothering her… Being able to see straight through to the scalp is something very hard to hide and really takes a toll

We could not be more smitten with how her end result looked, but more importantly, the energy radiating off of her and how she felt.

Liz June Hair transformation bombshell

Thank you to all of the women who believe in what we are doing and the movement that is being created here inside of Raleigh. If you have been suffering from hair loss and need a solution that looks and feels like your natural hair, contact us. We can help



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