Trusting the Process and Journey

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Process, Journey, and Trust

Alexis’ journey from surviving during a California lockdown to thriving in a market 2,500 miles away

No one could have planned for a global pandemic. That kind of thing isn’t in the Hair Dresser Handbook (although, maybe it should be). So when Covid-19 shut down the US and all non-essential businesses last year, salons, stylists, and hairdressers went into survival mode. Being out of work for 3 months is enough to shake most families to the core, but imagine living on unemployment and savings, for 7 months?!

THAT is Alexis’ journey, but it is NOT her story. Alexis isn’t a “sit-around and wait for things to happen to you” type of woman, mom, wife, and friend. If she doesn’t like the trajectory of her path, she changes it; and that is exactly what she did. Watch as Alexis takes us through her journey from California lockdown to Carolina glo-up.


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