Back to School: The Garnish Extension Academy

Grab your Extensions & #2 Pencils!

Class is in session…

As students across the country head back to school this month, our Garnish team is also taking some time to think about and focus on extension education.

You may already know that Garnish is an education hub for stylists all over the US. Extension stylists often seek out Garnish to come to learn from Candice who has been teaching on the national stage for a decade. But did you know that we have very robust internal education programs too?

All of our stylist, upon joining our team, enter into The Garnish Academy and/or Garnish Green. These internal programs are designed to help our stylists become experts both behind the chair (these are technical skills like extensions, color, cutting, and styling) and in front of the chair (this is everything that has to do with our client experience and business acumen) communication skills so that they can serve our Garnish Guests in the way in which they have become accustomed to.

This month out Garnish Academy member will be sharing their experiences and offering model calls as they rank up in their education. Be sure you are following Lex, Amanda, Lily, and Yael over on Instagram for the skinny on our internal education, or to apply as a Garnish Academy Model use this application.


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