Diving into Digital Files

Pull out your bathing suits we are diving deep into our digital overhaul. We are committed to our paperless project and completing a comprehensive digital file for each of our guests. While we get each client file updated, we may ask you to come in for your appointment a little early to fill out digital documents. This shift to paperless will help us serve you better

What this means for YOU, our guest:

  • easier check-ins – your paperwork can be completed BEFORE your appointment. If we need anything from you, we can send that to you online in an email or text for you to complete.
  • shortened wait time – with the new digital record, you get to come in and go straight to your stylist’s chair.

What this means for our team:

  • improved internal communication. having digital records means we can share information efficiently within our team, and since we work as a team, it’s important that clear and precise communication about your experience is shared across the stylist, assistant, apprentice group.
  • we are part of a global solution to decrease waste – going digital means we use less renewable resources like paper inside of our business. Cutting down on our carbon footprint not only is the responsible way to run a business, but it also means we get to enjoy the feeling that comes along with being part of the solution instead of the problem.

Shared Benefits:

  • consistency in your results – ever had the cut and color of your dreams and leave underwhelmed when you return and don’t get that same result twice? we digitally record your experience, down to the number of pumps of shampoo we use to achieve and the weight of your color

We are super excited about going paperless, and know that this will only make your experience and our process even better than it already is! If you have questions about your digital file, or want to get started for your next in-studio appointment, feel free to reach out to us on our text line at 919.647.7393


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