Don’t Let Fall Fashion Fu¢k Up Your Hair

Tangle Free Fashion

As we get into fall, many of us are excited to be pulling out our comfy, cozy cold-weather wear. Chunky sweaters with big cowl necks, hats, beanies, and toboggans, and eventually our warmest wool coats and scarves to keep us fashionable and warm.

You’ve already been in to get your fall color update, and your hair is looking AMAZING; so before you suit up for fall, we have a few tips for you to follow to keep your fashion from ruining your hair.

Knitted scarves, hats, and heavy, hooded coats might be keeping you warm, but these winter clothes and accessories might also be ruining your hair. And before you go calling us dramatic for over-exaggerating, hear us out.

Have you ever taken off your scarf to find a matted, tangled mess at the nape of your neck? As stylists, we see it every fall and winter: the girl who comes in with unexplained breakage, tangles, and mats at her nape.

Freezing certainly isn’t a viable solution, and neither is surrendering to a season of bad hair days, so here are some causes and solutions to keep you and your fashion on point this fall and winter

A bottle of leave in conditioner

A bottle of leave in conditioner for frizzy hair

To prevent your hair from getting tangled underneath your scarf, we suggest applying a bit of leave-in conditioners like Virtue purifying leave-in or Oribe Run

Through leave-in conditioner. We also advise you to avoid over-using products like hairspray to keep your hair untangled and smooth





Braids are Better

Protecting the delicate hairs on the nape of your neck is crucial during the cool and colder months when they are prone to breakage from constant rubbing on collars and scarves. To mitigate the potential damage caused by these clothes, we recommend pulling your hair back in a braid, low bun, loose pigtails, or a trusted top knot.

Stack on an added layer of protection by making sure your wool coat collar is lined with silk or satin, and layering on a silk scarf under your wool one.

We found these amazing ones on amazon. Trust us, your spring hair will thank us!

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