Extension Maintenance Doesn’t Have to be Scary

It may be spooky season, but caring for and maintaining your extensions does not have to be scary.

Today we are sharing easy maintenance tips from each of our stylists for how you can make sure that your mane does not become a nightmare this fall season

Tips From Our Team

hair extension stylist Mot headshot

Mot: Don’t be scared to brush all the way to the tippy-tippy top of your row. I have noticed with a lot of guests that they don’t want to snag or pull at the row; however, you want to make sure that you brush all the way up to the top of your extensions so that the hair can remain smooth and tangle-free



hair extension stylist Reece headshot


Reece: save the conditioner for your crown wash; if you’re washing your entire head, then use clarifying shampoo plus a masque and let it sit for some self-care before rinsing, drying, and styling. Don’t forget to ask for hydrating treatments during your salon visits to keep your natural hair, your extensions, and your scalp looking and feeling their best.



Hair extension stylist Amani headshot


Amani: deep tangles and mats can cause you to have to come in to the salon for additional appointments. To avoid tangling, comb hair thoroughly using a wide tooth comb before washing. If you should come across a a large tangle, don’t panic. Grab a comb or wet brush and gently work out the tangle starting at the bottom and work your way up.



hair extension stylist Lex headshot


Lex: hydration is key for maintaining your extensions. Remember that your extensions don’t get to fully benefit from your scalp’s natural oils. So hydrating them with an oil product is imperative and will extend the life of your extensions. I recommend a lightweight oil like Oribe Gold Lust in the morning and in the evening.



hair extension stylist Amanda headshot

Amanda: When you’re feeling oily and limp between your full head wash, save time and do a simple crown wash instead. Check out this easy to follow instructional video for all the deets on Amanda’s crown wash routine




hair extension stylist Lily headshot

Lily: for a tangle-free sleep and quick style time in the morning, try twisting several braids all over before bed. In the morning spray with Oribe Mystify, finger comb, and go for full fluffy beach waves with no heat




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