Pumpkin Spice for More Thank Just Your Latte

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Seeing Red (hair)

We are well in to Pumpkin Spice Season and just had to write a post on the season’s most trending color way for fall hair: The Fiery Red Head

There’s a reason fiery hair is correlated to an equally fiery personality. With less than 2% of the world’s population being natural redheads, whether you’re ruby red or a copper blonde your mane will be sure to grab attention. If you aren’t part of the lucky 2% that hit the genetic hair lottery, we can definitely change that!


red hair colors


But whether you’re looking for a subtle shift or a more vivid red tone. When determining what shades will be most flattering, there are a few things to keep in mind.

There are infinite shades of red, ranging from a subtle strawberry blonde ginger to deep ruby. Figuring out which shade will be best suited for you is the hard part.

We suggest starting off by figuring our the best matched red from your skin tone.





Ginger & Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Skin Tone Match: Ginger strawberry hair color shades like Blake Lively and Rachel McAdams look best on fair, cool skin tones.

stars with blonde red hair

Auburn Red Hair Color

Skin Tone Match: This color looks great on fair to medium neutral skin tones.

actress auburn red hair color


Fire Engine Red Hair Color

Skin Tone Match: The brighter, bolder, more purposely “artificial looking” scarlet shades look best on medium to deeper skin tones with undertones of yellow. They can be too over powering on fair skin.

Fire engine red hair has and will always stand out in a crowd. Typically, this tone comes from a bottle, it’s pigment sitting more on the cool side of red. And, keep in mind fashion shades like this generally require more maintenance and are more apt to lighten and wear.

actress with red hair


Once you have figured that out finding some great inspiration pictures is next. A simple Google or Pinterest search for “red hair inspiration” always does the trick, or you can visit our red hair inspiration board and start there.


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