3 Ways to Reduce Cosmetic Waste

Doing Our Part to Reduce Cosmetic Waste

It’s no secret that cosmetic waste is a huge problem, but what you may not know, is that the hair industry has been a major contributor to the problem for way too long. It’s only been within recent years that major manufacturers of hair products have felt the pressure to reduce their carbon footprints by becoming more sustainable and earth-friendly brands.

Garnish has not been ignorant of this fact and we have put into practice several methods to reduce waste in and around our salon practices. Moving toward completely paperless salon practices, investing in Salon Scale to help us manage product waste, and supporting hair brands that practice ethical sourcing and fair wage practices have been part of our commitment to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. But you may be wondering what you could be doing at home to reduce cosmetic waste too. So here are some easy steps that you can take TODAY!

Take Stock and Declutter

in essence, reducing the number of products you own is a great first step to reducing waste. More often than not, we own more products than we actually need or use. Hence, the first step is essentially reducing the number of products you own.  Consider swapping products that aren’t expired with friends who love a product you own, and recycling containers that are eligible.  And if you have unopened products, like many of us do, consider donating those to your local women’s shelter.

Opt for less, no, reusable, or refillable packaging

The best way to reduce waste is by eliminating it all together! We love that refill shops like Fillaree are opening up all over the US where you can take you can take your empty soap, laundry, and household cleaning containers for refills. It was love at first refill when Oribe launched its low waste liter refill pouches that uses 71% less single-use plastic than the liter bottles, and are completely flat when empty meaning they take up less landfill space. We love refills as an economical way to not only refill our existing liter bottles but for travel and full-size bottles as well. Or better yet, ditch the plastic bottle altogether and opt for THESE heavy amber glass bottles with pump as a sustainable, but luxurious addition to your shower

Recycle, Reuse, or Repurpose

Out of convenience and habit, many of us throw away cosmetics packaging once we are done with them. However, this puts an end to the lifecycle of the packaging, making it a single-use product. Before disposing of the packaging, first, think of how we can reuse or repurpose it. We love THIS Penny + Pine blog post on how you can upcycle your cosmetic waste into useful items that will extend their life

We would love for you to join us on our mission to be better in everyway!


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