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New Kid on The Block: Hair Alchemy

there are some new kids on the block here in the studio, and we are head over heels in love! Introducing our newest Oribe line, available in the studio on 2/2/22! you’ll want to take this line home if your hair needs strength from the inside out!  Reece is our Oribe product ambassador and can answer all of your hair alchemy questions! be sure to inquire next time you are in the salon

Why We Love It

Discover the antidote for fragile strands with the Hair Alchemy Collection.

Designed for those with inherently weak hair, the collection includes the Hair Alchemy Resilience Shampoo and Conditioner, along with the Fortifying Treatment Serum—a new regimen formulated to prevent hair breakage and strengthen strands from the inside out.  Scientifically developed for all hair types are weak (whether it’s brittle, coarse, fine, or fragile) and prone to breakage and hair fall.

Key Benefits:

Reinforces and strengthens fragile hair
Hydrates strands, locks in moisture
Forms a scaffold around each hair fiber
Prevents breakage and encourages length over time
Improves the tensile strength and elasticity of each hair strand


Get it NOW

You won’t want to wait on this revolutionary product! Call the salon or grab your 3 part shampoo | conditioner | serum treatment system next time you are in the salon!


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