Hand Tied Extension Hair Maintenance Guide

a guide to hair maintenance

Part of making sure that your new hair investment is worth it for you for months to come, is making sure you are properly maintaining both your extensions and natural hair. There are lots of things that you should be doing at home to keep your hair in tip top condition, but nothing can replace regular visits with your stylist to move up your hair and perform scheduled maintenance. Every Garish Extension Studio guests gets a maintenance schedule that should be followed from their stylist that is based on their color, length, growth, and lifestyle. 

This schedule is typically based on 6, 7, or 8 weeks and can be found in our journey card and below.  

week 6, 7, 8 maintenance schedule

One question we commonly get is, “how much will my maintenance and move up be?”, and although there is not one st price for these maintenance services, we have put together a helpful guide for assisting guests in coming up with a ballpark range for their Move Ups, Additional wefts, Row splits, and Row Refreshes. 

We have put together a useful Journey Card for helping each of our clients know exactly when they will need to come in, and how much it will cost. We give one of these extensions maintenance journey cards to every client at their consultation appointment, and anytime their maintenance changes. 

Pricing sheet

Being fully educated about everything that goes into maintaining your investment is a responsibility we take very seriously here at Garnish. We believe that by giving our clients the knowledge they need to protect and care for their investment, we are also giving them all the tools they need to make good decisions around the care of their own hair. 

Thinking about investing in yourself and finally having the hair you’ve been dreaming about? We are taking applications for new clients and would love to have you sit with one oof our expert stylists.


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