Curly Hair Extensions: Embrace Your Natural Texture with Confidence

Are you a curly girl feeling left out of the extension conversation? At Garnish, we’re here to show you that curly hair extensions are an option and we offer several.

Why Choose Curly Extensions?

Curly hair is unique and finding extensions that match your natural curls can be a challenge. That’s where we excel. We believe your extensions should enhance, not hide, your natural hair. That’s why we specialize in texture-matching, ensuring your curls blend flawlessly with your natural curl patterns and texture

Our Secret to Perfectly Blended Curly Extensions

1. Detailed Texture Matching:

During your consultation, we take the time to understand every twist and turn of your curls as well as your texture. We recognize that all curl types are different, and matching them correctly is crucial for that seamless blend.

2. Expert Blend Cut:

Our stylists are trained to cut curly extensions in a way that they integrate perfectly with your natural hair, maintaining the integrity and pattern of your curls

3. Mixing Textures:

Sometimes, achieving the perfect match means mixing different textures and curl patterns. We customize mixes to replicate your exact curl pattern, so your extensions match

4. Maintenance Education:

We don’t just install and send you on your way. We equip you with the knowledge to maintain your curls, from product recommendations, a maintenance road map and styling classes. This way, you can keep your curls looking gorgeous and healthy.

Real Talk: Ensuring Your Curly Extensions Are Right for You

We’ve had guests who’ve searched high and low—through different salons and countless consultations—trying to find someone who understands their curly hair needs. It’s vital to ask the right questions before committing to extensions:

  • Does the stylist specialize in textured hair?

  • Can they match my natural curl texture?

  • Will I be able to style my hair in different ways?

  • What kind of maintenance will my extensions require?

If a stylist hesitates on any of these, they might not be the textured hair specialist you need. And that’s okay! It’s important to work with someone who’s as committed to finding your perfect match as you are.

Your Curly Extension Journey Starts Here

If you’ve hesitated to get extensions because you thought your curls were too much to handle, let us change your mind. With our expert approach to curly hair extensions, you can enhance your natural texture and step out with confidence.

Curly girls, your perfect hair day is waiting at Garnish. Click “Apply” on our website now to schedule a consultation with one of our stylists


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