Can Extensions Cover Bald Spots? Exploring Solutions

Before and after, Can Extensions Cover Bald Spots? Exploring Solutions

Hair loss can be a distressing experience, affecting your confidence and self-esteem. We understand the importance of addressing hair loss concerns with effective solutions customized to what each of our guests need. Let’s explore how our customized extension methods, including our crown solution and Mesh Integration, offer transformative results for individuals struggling with thinning hair and hairloss.

Customized Crown Solutions:

Beyond Length: Innovative Hair Solutions at Garnish hair loss solutions

For those experiencing hair loss at the crown of their scalp, our customized crowns provide a solution that blends perfectly with your natural hair. Customized to each guest’s specific requirements, preferences, and hair characteristics, this personalized approach ensures a natural integration with existing hair, resulting in a fuller appearance without the stereotypes often associated with traditional methods. At Garnish, we focus on every aspect of the Crown including shape, fit, color, cut, and installation method, to deliver the results you’re looking for.

If you’re struggling with hair loss or thinning  fill out an application by clicking “apply” on our website to see of you’re a good candidate for a crown.

Introducing Mesh Integration:

Excitingly, we’re introducing Mesh Integration, an innovative extension method designed for individuals experiencing hair loss anywhere on the scalp. Unlike conventional methods, Mesh Integration seamlessly integrates mesh onto the scalp to attach extensions discreetly and effectively, offering a solution for hair loss challenges. Whether dealing with localized hair loss (bald spots) or thinning hair, Mesh Integration provides a non-invasive, option for achieving voluminous, natural-looking hair.

Calling All Potential Models:

We’re currently seeking models for Mesh Integration, allowing them to experience the benefits firsthand while aiding us in perfecting this transformative technique. Whether dealing with hair loss in specific areas or on the crown of the head, becoming a model for Mesh Integration offers an opportunity to embrace your beauty and contribute to refining this new method we’re introducing.

To be considered as a model for Mesh Integration, reach out to us via Instagram. We’ll guide you through the process and schedule a consultation to determine if Mesh Integration is the right solution for you. At Garnish, our mission is to help you embrace your beauty, regardless of hair challenges.


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