Can your hair extensions get wet? Your Essential Guide

One of the most frequent questions we hear as extension stylists at Garnish is, “Can I get my hair extensions wet?” The answer is a resounding yes, but with a few caveats. It all depends on the extension method used, the type of hair that’s chosen, and how your extensions are getting wet.

At Garnish, we predominantly utilize the Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) method. Unique to NBR, not only can you get your extensions wet, but it’s actually a requirement! We advise washing your extensions at least once a week to maintain their health and appearance.

Here’s how you can effectively wash your extensions:

extensions get wet

Shampoo and Condition

Just like your natural hair, your extensions need regular shampooing and conditioning. Start by sectioning each row and carefully shampooing in between to ensure your scalp and the extensions are thoroughly cleansed. Follow up by conditioning from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair to keep them soft and manageable.

Treatment Masque/Deep Conditioner

Incorporate a nourishing treatment masque or deep conditioner into your routine to provide extra hydration and care. We recommend Oribe!

Pool & Beach Maintenance Tips

Pre-Swim Care

Before diving into pool or beach waters, apply a bit of conditioner or leave-in treatment. This simple step acts as a protective barrier against heat and helps prevent tangling when wet

Style Smart

Opt for a low ponytail or braid when hitting the water. This styling trick helps prevent tangles and matting, ensuring your extensions remain sleek and manageable

Post-Swim Must-Do

Always wash your hair after swimming to eliminate any chlorine or saltwater. This prevents build-up, which can lead to tangles or matting, and keeps your extensions in pristine condition.

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